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as a society, we need to start going on spiritual retreats after minor inconveniences.

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just trying to improve!!

A Childhood Covenant

January 30, 2021


    At an age to young too recall, my next-door neighbor and I wrote out our own Bible. The New New Testament, inked not on parchment but three-holed paper, spelling out the rights and wrongs of the modern day worshipper. 
    "We'll need to start with the Ten Commandments." My co-rabbi looks up, probing me for ideas. I shrug. She scribbles away anyway, holy words bubbling off the tip of the pencil in big, loopy letters. 
    "Thou shalt not steal?" I let the phrase sit on my tongue, the taste familiar. "Did you make that up?" 
    "Yeah, I did," she snaps. "I did make it up. Too bad if you don't like it." 
    "No, I like it." 
    She writes down two more, something along the lines of loving one's parents and saying please and thank you. I pick idly at the grass near my feet, watching as an inchworm crawls by--and with it, a memory. A memory of the two of us hiking, rolling over logs and watching all sorts of creatures slither out, gray and black and slimy and multipedal. 
    "How about being nice to animals?" 
    "Good one!" She smiles briefly at me, and just as quickly as her gaze returns to the paper. The air feels a little colder, the sky a little dimmer; the leaves above us grow fewer and browner every day. 
    I take a peek at the scriptures, the page nearly filled. Not bad for a couple of rookie reverends! But she pauses. 
    "I need help with the last one." 
    "Really?" I'm not usually the one taking charge in these situations. 
    "Yes, really," she mutters, biting her lip. I'm silent: no divine epiphanies strike me as easily as they did her. 
    "I don't know." 
    "Oh, come on." 
    "Seriously, I don't!" I insist, grin tugging at my lips. "You always have the good ideas."
    A single tear rolls down her cheek, staining the unfinished commandments. Her pencil wavers on the brink of movement. 
    "What about ... what about, 'thou shalt not move away?'"
    The horizon's slowly engulfing the sun, taking with it the sunshine, the light, the hot breezes of the afternoon. The end of the day. The end of a summer. 
    "I'd like that." 


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  • Blue Jay

    Thanks for the review of my piece! I will repay the favor at some point. I figured I would let you know what the black ring means. I'm aroace (aromantic and asexual), and the black ring is an ace ring (a symbol of asexuality). Garlic bread and cake are also kind of symbols for asexuality too.

    Thanks again for the review, it is very helpful.

    3 months ago
  • Odyssey

    Re: thanks for your review of my piece! Welcome to WtW!

    3 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    WHOA. THE END. Hints at heartbreak and bittersweetness, aching and pain sure to come.
    Welcome, welcome, welcome, to Write the World! I'm Erin (a frequent username changer and creator of username hashtags). If you need any tips or advice, I'd be happy to help! A few WtW warriors on here who are also very helpful include SunV, Rohan's Defender, Anne Blackwood, mindfruit, Stone of Jade, Paisley Blue, mirkat, FantasyOtter12, beth r., lochnessie, and more darlings I'm surely forgetting. This place is such a vibrant and loving community, and we're always truly glad to welcome more people who love writing and creativity.
    sorry, that's kind of a lot to hit you with!
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    Glad you're here, and I'm still hanging on in anticipation to this piece!

    3 months ago