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musical theatre <3
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hyper realism artist
so hungry right now
slowly descending into madness
ballerina (pointe!)
surprised aurora is my mood

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My Go-To Books:
-ALL of the Harry Potter Books (by J.K. Rowling)
-ALL of the To All The Boys I've Loved Before Trilogy (by Jenny Han)
-ALL of The School for Good and Evil ( by Soman Chainani)
-ALL all the Hunger Games (by Suzanne Collins)

currently listening to
real friends - camila cabello

When life gives you lemons
You don't make lemonade
You use them to make girls cry
You take those lemons
No sugar at all
And you squirt it right into our eyes
(Lemons, Brye)

untitled poem about my strange emotions and chaotic love life

February 14, 2021


boy one was kind, and gentle
his sun kissed hair and rosy cheeks left me speechless
boy two had an enchanting laugh
it made my heart melt every time i heard it
boy three lasted longer than the rest
although no one knows that he was is the same as boy one
boy four was admired in silence
blushing every time he'd gaze my way.
boy five stays across the street
where I can only watch for now
boy six wasn't exactly real
but that didn't stop me did it
boy seven has yet to come
but pray to god he will
idek anymore. i'm slowly descending into madness and you guys get front row seats... oh i like that.

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