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"You can not reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!"
-Winston Churchill
"I believe the institutions of our democracy are wonderful things, that are currently
populated by some terrible people."
-Abbie Hoffman, one of
the Chicago 7
"Learning is not the memorization of facts but the training of the mind to think."
-Albert Einstien

A Forest on Trial

February 1, 2021


Great forest, set away,
growing and thriving,
striving to spread,
time passed as all things do
the forest grew and grew

A circle was broken,
the forest shrank,
something kept taking,
taking away,
there was no mercy,
there was no kindness
just violence.

Swinging, chopping,
stripping breaking,
fire burning, taking,
a forest on trial,
with no lawyer.

More destruction,
burning rage,
the trial was almost closed.
Could life leave?
Could man do it?
That one fell swing,
after years upon years,
would be the last?
This is a poem based on the fires in the Amazon in 2019. It seems i have decided to take on writing environmentalist poems. Anyway, as the poem suggests that fire might could have destroyed the whole ecosystem which would have left millions of species extinct. Funnily enough the covid health crises saved the forest by taking incompetent leaders attention away from burning down this precious ecosystem. This poem was a little bit harder to crank out then the last but I hope you enjoy it :D.

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