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Message to Readers

I mean it’s really up to your own interpretation, but I really felt like Eminem... XD
But yeah this piece means a lot to me, and I would love to improve it as much as possible, so every tiny gem of feedback will be incredibly valued by yours truly.


January 29, 2021



It’s easy to assume
That I have to collaborate 
Colour mind inside the lines 
Let the lies lie me inanimate 
Marching through a minefield 
When every step’s impeditive
And the fire down inside is 
Kept on chains and sedatives

It’s easy not to look
Past all that I’m s’posed to be 
Drift through life, a fever dream 
And never make the most of me 
I’ve been knocked down too many times 
It’s high time it’s my time
Take the mic and touch the sky time 
You’ll find I won’t be quiet time
Cause to be me is not a crime right? 


I won’t compete to conform
Cause It’s becoming uncomfortable 
Plant my feet on the floor
Instead of running on Vulnerable
It’s a one way mess trip to success
A mesh of stress but nonetheless
Now the light shines, it’s my time 
But it’s me now deep inside time 
And the clock strikes, it’s midnight 
And the pumpkin can’t stay hidden
On a shiny new straight line climb
And this time I’ll be a winner.
We went through a little mental breakdown a few days ago haha, where I realised that I really shouldn’t try to fit in with everyone else if I’m not comfortable doing it. 
Day 2 of freedom brings you this piece of spoken word :)  (and yep it took 2 days) 


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  • Nyla

    I absolutely love this Ellie, I can totally hear you like rapping this or something haha (now reading your message from writer: you really should feel like Eminem!), but the rhyme is just so amazing and flows so well (not forced at all). The message gets across really well and the pacing is great, and I think my favourite line would have to be, "And the fire down inside is /Kept on chains and sedatives" because that was just such a unique way of putting it! The last line is the perfect ending and I love the cinderella reference as well. "It’s a one way mess trip to success" was another favourite of mine.
    Footnotes: I'm so sorry you went through that (even though it was quite a while ago) but I can really hear your frustration and power through this piece, I really love it.

    5 months ago
  • Nyla

    RE: (Ok first off let me say, sorry for the SUPER late response! Idk if you saw my message from writer on my profile but for the next like 20 days I’m going to be responding super late and then I’ll be back to normal afterwards! Now onto the message…)

    Awwww thank you so so much! You’re so sweet! <3
    Aw of course! And aw thank you- haha yeah, a lot of the Elements of Craft prompts make me so scared to try (especially the punctuation one which I think you saw haha)

    Ohhh interesting and HAHA lollll, that’s incredible. I knowww! They’re very confusing at times but the storylines are just absolutely amazing!

    And yeah! I love it too! (Honestly a good chunk of my work is interpreted way differently to what I imagined loll)

    Haha that’s not even bad though! EVERYTHING of ours has an exam- including creative stuff. They just have two parts to the exam, a written part and a practical. Hahah yeah, drama definitely helps with a lot of things and ooh music! Awesome!! What instrument do you play? (I’ve always wanted to be good at music *sob* XD)
    And what- why did they say that?
    Hahah yeah, COVID actually shut down all our “exams” so now it’s just tests! And yeah, mmm, it was yummy!

    (Lol sorry that just sounded so cool and ominous, but ughhhh fineeee)

    Haha yeah- the US office gets really good after season two (cause in the first two it uses the same humour as the UK version) and in the third season the humour is a lot better and less- how shall I put this- crude haha.
    Yes Disney is so great (especially the fireworks at magic kingdom- idk if you saw those but I was literally 13 and watched the whole time with my mouth open haha!
    No fairrrrr!! Oh that sounds like so much fun- I did get to visit platform 9 and 3/4 the last time I was in England tho (but obviously not on par with Warner Bros *sob*)!

    Ewwww and lolll I watched it like a year ago so I honestly can’t remember the frog guy *sob sob* (lol I’m sobbing a lot! XD)
    But haha yeah, I enjoyed the solving crime part of it the most, when it got involved with Moriarty, it wasn’t a crime show anymore!


    Hahah nooo I understand why you have your opinion, I just had to bring up something relating to chocolate since we’d barely talked about it in the message and you signed off by talking about how we always talk about chocolate (if that makes sense lol)
    And yes hehe, it has its charms. But I still love dark chocolate- there’s a time and place for every type of chocolate in my heart haha
    I think that has been your best signing off ever Ellie!! Uhhh, *struggling to come up with something better*
    Have a magical evening full of Shakespearean dialogue and potions :D
    Nyla <3

    5 months ago
  • Emi

    I love this! And I absolutely agree! We're all unique and being like everyone else just makes everyone the same and boring.

    8 months ago
  • useless :)

    re: np! moi aussi :)
    (and i'm sure you'll get there haha, it might take a while because some aspects of French grammar are pretty complicated, but it's just practice!)
    and thank you so much!! :)

    8 months ago
  • useless :)

    "Marching through a minefield
    When every step’s impeditive
    And the fire down inside is
    Kept on chains and sedatives"
    wow, i just love this! the message came out really clearly and the writing is beautiful! also, i read your bio, and your life goal is awesome!! maybe my opinion's a little biased because i'm half french but...hehe ;)

    8 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Oh lol

    8 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Yes I did get your comment :) see earlier re to the response :)

    8 months ago
  • _Delphiruns2theocean_

    Re: Aww thank you! Unfortunately I know what it's like to have a friend who lives far away, it's kind of a yearly ritual for one of them to move away. Thankfully, one of my closest only moved away for a year to the Netherlands but when she came back last year we were sort of apart and still are :( Anyways, thanks for the follow and for the comment!

    8 months ago
  • Ree Sethu

    Wow! I feel like I can relate! <3

    8 months ago