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whispering confessions because the cold won't tell

By: ghostyboi


snowflakes fall lightly on my nose
my hands are cold
but i don't care
the cold is a friend
who reminds me i'm alive

children's laughter rings across the park
i put my head down
and walk by
wishing it could be me
who was laughing

so many feelings mixed in my head
i want to make sense of them
but none of them make sense
so i whisper confessions
that only the snow can hear

Peer Review

The feeling this poem gave me was effortless and so simply worded. In a world wrecked by turmoil, sometimes you need stability, and I believe this poem embodies this. The ending is beautiful and reminds me of my own experiences with snow, which is what every great poem does; it triggers memories.

The first stanza, about the cold being my friend could be elaborated upon, and I wish I had more insight into these feelings, but I appreciate the ambiguity. All this aside, additional details aren’t necessary, as I adore this poem for its simplicity and honest feeling that it has.

Reviewer Comments

I can’t wait to see what you’ll write next, your poetry is honest and I believe you’ve found a way to speak your truth through it. Great work!