Elaina Carter

United States


January 28, 2021

A New Years’ resolution is to be kind and not hold grudges. For a while, I struggled with being kind to people once they became my best friend. I would talk to them with unkind language as if they weren’t important. I have to work on being kinder to people because eventually, they won’t want to be my friends anymore. I would also hold grudges. If someone said something I didn’t like or do something I didn’t like, I would think about it and not want to talk to the person. I would ignore them or say something rude without thinking if that would hurt their feelings or not. I would only ever really talk kindly to my parents and teachers and people I don’t know very well. My resolution involves talking to everyone the same way, with kindness. I would also not get upset if other people did something that I didn’t want them doing. It might be something they like to do and not me but I can’t show my disapproval because everyone is in charge of themselves. Not everyone else. I have to work on minding my own business and not trying to correct other people’s actions.


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