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repossession (recovery)

By: psithurism


there you go again
stealing my words
right from my mouth
and making my feet
stick to the ground

                    there you go again
                    turning my cheeks
                    pink and setting
                    butterflies loose
                    in my stomach

dear, i can't wait until i can't care less when you walk by
        i'll keep my head high and hold no remorse for keeping these thoughts

up in my head

Message to Readers

Reviews are always greatly appreciated.

Peer Review

this was really relatable and the words you used to describe having a crush are so true. i think the title also adds a lot-- taking back your words and having control over your feelings again.

i think this is a short poem that has just enough mystery to be interesting but also enough transparency to see what's happening here. i think other than changing the word choice, this is great. maybe some more imagery, that would add a lot.

Reviewer Comments

i'm so sorry it took so long for me to do this review and i know it's not the best review ever. ahhhhh life is a lot right now and i wish i could do your beautiful writing more justice. have a great day and i look forward to seeing how you'll change this if you keep drafting.