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oops just found a grammar slip so I'm republishing it now :)

don't ever trigger off my insecurity

January 26, 2021


You slammed the door, while I stood behind it trying to straighten my hair. Nobody said a word. We stopped talking long ago. I don’t really feel like talking, anyway. Drawing lessons from all our previous clashes, we are working hard on keeping our universes parallel. Or are we? There’s never a sign of the end, but we both know it’s coming, and look forward to that. Sounds fascinating, doesn't it?

I'm no longer interested in playing with fire.

You've tried to touch my insecurity so many times that I thought my nerves were long numb. But I couldn't be more wrong — their masochistic tendency only sinks in, silently and softly disgusting me.
a random inspiration that rushed into my head on the morning bus...


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  • only_a_mirage (bird)

    aww thank you so much

    8 months ago
  • Alexander :)

    This is beautiful... you're so talented :D

    RE: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked them!

    8 months ago
  • Tushar Mandhan

    I can picture it as a part of a movie.....or maybe a play like 'last five years.'
    re: thanks a lot for your kind words!_/\_

    8 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    'we are working hard on keeping our universes parallel." - alkdjfl;aisdjflskdjf I cant this line is just stunning!
    Re: Thank you so much for your lovely lovely comment on my piece! And wow a literature major sounds awesome!
    Thank you for the support; exams always rob me of every ounce of self-confidence I have haha! And yes, med school is gonna be crazy. I was also skeptical at first but I think I'll be able to find time to write. The interview with Amanda Gorman also reassured me, when WtW questioned her about how she manages to write while being a student at Harvard! (Obviously I'm not gonna get into Harvard haha but you get the idea) If she can I also can I guess. :)

    8 months ago
  • ~wildflower~

    Re: thanks so much for your support, and also for your help with the title situation! I have a similar system fo collecting inspiration from random sentences or thoughts that I find interesting, but I usually end up elaborating on them to create pieces, rather than using them as titles. Thank you anyway! Maybe if I looked back through those lists I could find some ideas....

    8 months ago
  • Just_A_Memory

    Beautiful but sad

    8 months ago