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John Updike, anyone?

i ran, rabbit, i ran

February 24, 2021


The end is somehow the beginning, they say
      How confusing. 
For instance;
Heartbreak is not linear.
 ( in the medical sense, at least).
   your scriptures are written in the reddened
    line of your EKG scroll. 
    sometimes the only remedy is some eggless brownie batter
       and others, the only remedy is a set of paddles and 
           two-hundred and fifty joules;
    Clear, clear, how can it all possibly be clear?
    When your cords are filled with yellow pus?
        This was all your fault, you know? 
    When they open up your heaving cavity, 
       it will surely explode. 
         But why, why you wandering gypsy soul 
                   whose eyes are streaked with dried angered
         Why did you choose this way to go?
Maybe you will be reincarnated 
 Into a butterfly, 
    a hap-pee little butterfly. 
   With each flap of your wings, 
     a  life that will never be yours 
      passes you by. 
the title has no significance to the poem itself.


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  • McK13

    re: yes, I agree, that no one should say that to anyone. But I thought I would just clarify my piece's inspiration of a true story that did happen. So I was taking a digital survey yesterday and was only allowed to choose one race/ethnicity which got me kind of angry but I ended up picking "Other" so I wouldn't have to choose between Asian/Pacific Islander and White/Caucasian. But that's when I realized that I chose neither and basically acted as if I wasn't proud to be biracial. So I made a story of a lady behind a desk who was kind of like the phone. I hope that makes sense, I definitely am going to add that to the message of the piece right now. Anyways, thank you for your comment!

    2 days ago
  • crow_e

    " your scriptures are written in the reddened/line of your EKG scroll." stunning!!

    2 days ago