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The Little Quilt

March 7, 2021

PROMPT: Memory Object

The blanket folded neatly at the bottom of my shelf is a patchwork one. It’s pieced together from tidy squares: bright pinks and pastel blues and little boxy animals. Coloring the very geometric lion's mane, is a discreet dose of yellow. The blanket has been folded and dusty for quite some time. It’s been canonized into an emblem of innocence, rather than tossed carelessly over the bed like the honest breathing thing. But I like it there, sitting on my shelf. I smile whenever I catch a glimpse of those bright faded colors all tucked away. Dusty things are often treated with care; I suppose that is why they become dusty. They’re little pieces of ourselves worth saving, worth watching as time plays its slow game. 

One day, as I watched the snow fall, I wrapped my old quilt around my shoulders. The texture of the cloth had slipped from my memory. It was rougher than I remembered. I realized then, that the quilt was not the snuggly sort. It had never been drooled or chewed on. It had decorated my wall. I have lived in many rooms throughout my life. The quilt softened the hard walls of rooms I’ve had to acclimate to. Now it’s all folded up. I have more sophisticated ways of making a room mine: Scandinavian plywood furniture, creamy stationary, a selection of my great grandfather’s artwork. But still, I need something soft, something that can be folded away and retain its specialness. And my quilt is always waiting for me, its colors bright or faded depending on my mood.


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  • Maya'sTired

    I think the pacing you used here works for this piece. It doesn't need to be smoothed out; it's a patchwork quilt.

    7 months ago
  • Stone of Jade

    oh i love is so beautiful <3 i used to have a blanket i would not be able to sleep without. its packed away in a box. this lovely and heartwarming piece made me think of it. so so touching <3

    7 months ago