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If I continue to get likes and followers from this story, I will make part three. If you enjoyed it, please like, and if you didn't tell me why. Just an FYI, if you haven't read the first part, you might want to read it or else you might be a little confused.

The Medieval Hunt Part 2

January 25, 2021


After the egg hatched, Rowan had placed the dragon in an empty wooden box. He tried to go back to sleep, but his mind was spinning with thoughts of if he should keep it or sell it and get the money. He had heard of myths that once a dragon was half grown, you could fly on it. He also thought about what to name his dragon, and how he was going to keep it a secret. He arose early in the morning when a few rays of sunshine were going into his room. As he sat down, his father greeted him, "are you still going out to hunt again?" "Yes father, I will leave at about high noon." the house was bitter cold, and the cobblestone floor felt like ice. As the sun came up, Rowan grabbed his bow and quiver. He also took the dragon out of the box and stuffed his pockets full of cloth to comfort the dragon. His main focus wasn't on hunting, it was about keeping the dragon a secret. He figured he'd need it close to the house so he didn't have to walk very far, but not too far because that would draw suspicion to his family. As he walked on and on, there was a light snow in the air and the wind was so cold, Rowan felt his face go numb. He came to a cave that would be big enough to house the dragon for a few years. The only problem was that it was obvious. So, Rowan placed the dragon in the little cave and he began to make a "door" from sticks. He was also going to put leaves on the door so he could disguise it as a mellow hill with leaves on it. After a couple of hours, he had a pretty good disguise and sat down to eat deer jerky. As he was eating, he thought that the dragon was probably hungry too. So he opened the door and called it, "come here, I have some food for you." as he held out a strip of jerky, the dragon tried to nip it out of his hands but got his index finger. As Rowan dropped the meat (which the dragon ate instantly) he looked down at his finger and saw blood forming on it. He wrapped it in a little cloth, put the rest of the cloth on the inside for insulation, put the dragon inside, and went off to hunt. This time he was successful on the hunt. It was a young doe and the meat would definitely benefit his family. On his way back, he found the dragon asleep on the cloth. He decided to give the dragon the rest of the meat, and he would be back in two days. As he headed home with the doe, the temperature had dropped lots and he felt as if he was a frozen block of ice. When he had gotten home, his parents were glad to see that he had gotten food and the rest of the night was spent carving the meat and preserving it.  


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