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Minor Flaw (The Hunter)

January 28, 2021


   Ultra was a thriving town, then a city-state, now the capital of the country. The only reason Ultra survived for so long in this terrible world was because of hunters, the first and last line of defense against the monsters that roamed the country and ruled the world before giants or man, but presently live in the dust.
This day and age, we must question who the real monsters are.

    Ember did it. She finally did it. After months of training and pleading with her father, she made it to Ultra city. This city would change her life forever, for the better. 
Being accepted into the Hunter Academy was the easy part; Ember’s elemental control had gotten her a spot in the magic program. Staying was the difficult part. 
    She could have stayed in the city of Venus with her father and lived a comfortable life. No, Ember was going to be a charting hunter. She would soar up the ranks and be famous like the gods. First, she needed to find the lecture hall. 
    “Excuse me?” She tapped an upperclassman on the shoulder, reading his nametag. “Where is the Atlas Lecture Hall, Mr. Dessen?”
    Dessen quickly sized Ember up and grinned. “You’re a freshman, aren’t you?” he exclaimed. “How old are you, cutie? 15? 16?”
    “It’s Valentine to you, and do you wanna be fried chicken?” Ember’s eyes flickered and smoke protruded from her mouth, which only made Dessen chuckle. The marks on his arms sparked with a teal tint. 
    “Are you trying to be cute with me?” Dessen asked, grabbing Ember’s chin. “I like it.”
    Ember couldn’t believe it. This random guy was flirting with her! She understood she had wonderful looks and a sweet charm, but this guy just wasn’t her type. To make matters worse, he was crossing the line when it came to personal space. 
    “Get your hands off of me,” Ember declared.
    “What are you going to do about it, cutie?” 
    Oh, he’s asking for it, the redhead thought to herself. Ember slapped Dessen across the face. A red mark was clearly plastered on his face as smoke sizzled off. 
    “...Atlas Hall is down the hall to your right.”
    Ember patted his face, “Thank you, dearie~”
    “The lecture hall was named after Atlas Ultra, one of the many soldiers who founded this city,” a plaque stated, hanging on the grand doors of the Hall. Ember stepped inside, a feeling of pride washing over her. Students graced the room, bursting into chatter or comparing entrance scores. These were Ember’s people, not some fashion wanna-bees back home. However, she still felt out of place. 
    Ember took a seat next to a girl whose complexion was a deathly pale. Her eyes were focused on a book about...bones? The lone button on her collar had a cross on it. She’s in the medical field, Ember thought.
    “Is the seat next to you occupied?” she wondered out loud.
    “Nope. You must be new here. I’m a freshman as well. It’s nice to meet you, I’m Oliver,” the student exclaimed, offering her hand.
    “Ember Valentine, it’s very nice to meet ya! I saw the button on your jacket and I...”
    Ember got cut off by a blaring voice cutting through the crowd of students. A middle aged man walked onto the stage followed by a stoic woman and three other students. The man standing in front of the group was Gabriel Ultra, the head of school and Rank #1 hunter. This was Ember’s first time seeing him in person and not on a poster.
    “I would like to welcome everyone to Ultra Hunter Academy!” A booming voice filled the hall. “I’m Gabriel Ultra, the head of this school. My second in command is the wonderful Ms. Veksler.” The students gave an awkward applause while Gabriel continued, “I love seeing new faces but I know most of you won’t make it past your second year. This academy will break the weak and build up the strong. Do you have what it takes to last three years?” 
    Everyone broke into loud cheering. Ember joined in while Oliver covered her ears. Gabriel extended his hand causing a hush to fall over the crowd. 
    “That’s the kind of spirit hunters need! I have some hope for this group, make me proud! Now, Ms. Veksler will tell you all of the important information!”
    Every bit of joy in the air shattered the minute Veksler stepped up to the mic. Veksler had the appearance of death hovering over her at all times, sporting deep baggy eyes and a ghostly white complexion. Her monotone voice seemed to make everyone pale and sickly looking. 
“All of you will be put into groups of three: one will be a medic, the other two will be magic, weapons, etc…” Sighing after every word, she went on. “I have three students for you all to meet: Alec Dessen, he’ll be the head of the boys sector, Alessica Michaels, head of the girls sector, and...” 
    Ember locked eyes with the other boy on stage. His curly blonde hair shone like gold, he towered over Dessen, and he possessed the features of a god. His smile was brighter than the sun. Now that was Ember’s type. 
“Ethan Sol. He’s the youngest student to join the academy at age fourteen, and he has the highest score in the entire freshman class.” Veksler broke Ember’s thoughts and shattered her dreams. How was that kid fourteen?! He looked a good feet six tall!
“Now, does anyone have any questions?”

    After being lost for two hours Ember asked Alessica for help and found her dorm. The dorm seemed empty but homey nonetheless. Four rooms branched off of the living space, and the bathroom door stood at the rear. A familiar face was sitting on the couch with the same book from earlier. 
    “Oliver!” Ember tackled her in a hug. “It’s great to see you again! Oh, I should’ve asked if you liked hugging!”
    “No no, it’s fine.” Oliver responded, pulling away.
    “I’m happy there’s another girl on the team and..."  Footsteps trailed into the living room and a tall blonde joined the duo. 
    “Hello! We meet again!” Ethan smiled that beautiful smile.
    You have to be kidding me. At that moment Ember knew the next three years were going to be difficult.
I know the title is off-putting but it will make sense when I write more parts.
Also thank you asergei, and especially kathryn siena for dealing with me asking her a ton of questions.
A few things:
-This story has magic and a magic system that I'm still working on.
-Ethan's name use to be Bryan and I don't know which one I like better. He's still B to me!
-You can see that I read a lot of fics by the "..."


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    I love it! and no problemo, i'll always answer your questions ; )

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