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she smells like lemon-grass and sleep
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you would find her
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still trying to figure out my place in this world.

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i just can't seem to find where my piece fits in this puzzle of life.

To Lily Potter (More POV's!!!!!)

February 16, 2021

Lily Evans was perhaps the most intriguing person he had ever met. That wasn't much, seeing as he didn't go around making friends, but something was different about her. Living in a Muggle suburb, he didn't meet any magical children, and he knew Lily's family were Muggles, but he could feel it– he knew Lily was magic. And that was only confirmed when he saw her fly (fly!) off the swing in the park. He was nine, and he couldn't perform that kind of magic. Lily was tiny– he suspected she was about seven– and she was already able to control her magic! 

Her sister, on the other hand, was the most annoying girl he ever met. He saw her get the newspaper every morning, when he went to get it too. She never smiled, and he even saw her snarl at Emily, the girl who lived down the street from him every morning. Now, Severus didn't think of him as a friendly person, but he wasn't downright mean!

So when Lily received her letter for Hogwarts, (she knew she was getting it, Severus had told her) Petunia acting out wasn't surprising. But Lily was too happy to care. They went to the station together, and they sat in the same carriage. Everything was going fine. Until Black and Potter walked in. That was when he knew Lily wouldn't forever be his friend.


Sirius hated his family. He didn't fit in, and his family knew it. His brother, Regulus, hadn't even started Hogwarts, and already had his own wand, while he was stuck using Bellatrix's old one– she got a new one for her sixteenth birthday, because she had passed her OWL's at the top of her class. 

When he met James Potter, he knew they would be best friends. What he was afraid of was James not liking him when he found out he was a Black. So he refrained from saying anything until they found a half-empty compartment.

But when they entered the compartment, James paid no heed to him. His eyes were on the girl with bright red hair, who later introduced herself as Lily Evans.


Remus Lupin knew he would have nightmares that night, it was the first time he was away from his parents. So, he sneaked down to the common room after dark to sleep, so that he wouldn't disturb the others. He knew the Black's and the Potter's. They were both powerful families, and on opposite sides of the war. Not that he knew much about the war. 

He liked Pettigrew. Peter didn't speak much, much like him, but he was quite funny. But Peter never came up to him, and Remus being Remus, never went up to him either.

Remus made himself comfortable on the sofa, and slowly drifted off to sleep. He was only awoken when he heard a girl shriek into his ears. 


He blearily looked around the room, to see a girl wearing a deep green nightgown with her hair tied into two braids by her shoulders, "What are you doing up?"

"Why are you sleeping down here?"

"I asked first."

The girl sighed, "I couldn't sleep. I've never been away from Tunie for so long. Even if she hates me.... We never slept apart."

Remus tried to place this girl in his head. He knew she as a first year, like him. Why else would she be homesick? And she had to be Gryffindor. That only narrowed it down to a few people. She wasn't Mckinnon, she had short hair. Dorcas was blonde, so he would be able to see her hair clearly. There was another girl– Maria? Mimi? Mary! But Mary had glasses. Which only left Alice and Lily. Both of them had dark hair, but Alice's was in a pixie cut. So it had to be Lily.

"Why does..."

"Petunia. My sister."

"Why does she hate you?"

"She isn't magical. My whole family are Muggles, I'm the only Witch. Mum and Dad were proud, but Tunie hates it." she gave a long pause, "Why are you here?"

"I had a nightmare." Remus lied. He hadn't had a nightmare, he knew he was going to have one, "I didn't want to disturb the other boys."


They sat in companionable silence for a while, and then Lily turned to face him, "I'm Lily by the way. Lily Evans."

"I know. I'm Remus Lupin."

And from then, Remus knew he would have a friend in school, no matter what.


Minerva McGonagall had seen talented Muggleborns over the years, but never had she come across someone who matched Lily Evans. Top of the class within the first term, and popular amongst not just her house but the other houses too, Lily reminded Minerva a lot of her younger self. Sure, she had to compete with a few other people in her year, Mr. Snape in potions, Mr. Lupin in DADA, Mr. Potter in transfiguration, but she managed to do it, and get top marks in all her other subjects too.

As head of Gryffindor house, Minerva supposed it was only normal she thought of the Gryffindors as her family, but she couldn't help but hold a special fondness towards Lily. A few of the upper class Slytherin's bullied her, but she stood up to them, whether it was because Severus, another Slytherin, was her best friend, or because she was a spitfire, Minerva had no clue. What she did know was that Lily Evans would go on to become a very powerful witch.


James Potter lost count of the number of good days he had in his life, but his top two would have to include his wedding day. 

Knowing James, people would assume he and Lily wed in a large garden with extravagant decorations and a huge crowd. But circumstances proved unfavourable, and instead the wedding was held in the basement of the Order safe house, with Dumbledore officiating, Sirius as best man, Marlene as maid of honour, and Remus, Peter, Minerva and Alice as witnesses.

Truth to be told, they would have put the wedding off till after the war, but they couldn't wait. Not when Lily had told James there was a baby on the way. Instead, they transfigured (one of James' many talents) two ugly looking spoons into rings, and dressed in their best robes (which weren't very good considering they hadn't bought new robes since they finished school) available. The wedding was over in less than an hour.

But that doesn't mean James loved it any less. No, in fact, that made it all the more special.

Of course, after the wedding, they had a mission, spying on the Lestranges, which, might seem like a dreadful task, but James was newlywed! Nothing seemed that bad at the moment.

Lily didn't come along (for reasons mentioned prior) for the mission, instead, it was him and Pettigrew on the mission.

So, when the mission turned into a fully blown battle, the only thought in his mind remained that Lily wasn't called to help fight.


When Sirius saw Harry for the first time, he was dog. Not much can be seen as a dog. When they met in the shrieking shack, he was agitated to a point where he could see only red. He still didn't notice something that would have brought him to tears.

It was only when Harry came to Grimmauld Place did Sirius actually see his eyes. They were Lily's eyes. He didn't remember much of the years before Azkaban. Did Harry have green eyes as a baby too?


When Harry told Remus about the woman screaming on the train, he was perplexed. Dementors made you relive your worst memory, and for Harry, that would probably have been– no. 

Lily's scream.

Remus had only heard Lily scream, not shout, scream, a handful of times. When James had been briefly captured, when Harry had been born, and the night in the common room after Severus called her a mudblood. But a scream, no matter whose, it chilling. 

And to think that Harry's only memory of his parents voices were screams, that was unimaginable.


Many knew of Lily Potter. Many applauded her bravery, before and after both wars– the first and second. But few knew Lily Evans, the feisty, short-tempered, outdoorsy girl who took down Bellatrix Lestrange at 19, the girl who had slapped James after he was captured, for being so stupid and bigheaded that he had to be the hero.

Only one person knew the Muggle Lily Evans, who would make flowers bloom, who would jump off swings and land on the other side of the stream. 

But no matter who they knew, Lily Potter, Lily Evans, or Muggle Lily Evans, there came not one person who wasn't in awe of her charm and raw talent.

Not one person.
So.... It's Lily Potter's 61st birthday today (Happy Birthday to Lily Potter!) and I thought I'd write this as a toast.

Lily's always been one of my favourite characters, and because she's dead before the series starts, so much about her is unknown, left to us readers to imagine. But, even with that, we know that she had a good heart, and loved her son more than she loved herself.

I hope you enjoy reading my tiny Fanfiction about Lily Potter!

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