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heyyyyoooo wish i had funny/interesting message boards and bio but it doesn't seem to be my natural inclination
so here's some lyrics for you instead. if you know what any of these are from, lmk in the comments, because you are amazing. i seriously doubt anyone can name all the songs and their artists without looking it up, since these lyrics span about 40 years and like 6 genres, but go ahead, surprise me. ;) (these are all songs i listen to)

1. "he's got my past frozen behind glass, but i've got me"
2. "the rumors, are terrible and cruel / but, honey, most of them are true"
3. "show me where my armor ends / show me where my skin begins"
4. "sometimes it feels like it's all real / but nothing here is as it seems / i ask myself, what does it feed / my soul or my anxiety?"
5. "then the night got deathly quiet / and his face lost all expression / said, 'if you're gonna play the game, boy, you better learn to play it right'"
6. "i wanna look him in the eyes / and see someone i recognize / i'm on my knees, and all i ask / is, Lord, pour water in his wine glass"
7. "watch your broken dreams dance in and out of the beams of a neon moon"
8. "fault lines tremble underneath my glass house / but i put it out of my mind / long enough to call it courage"
9. "a tourist in this town / a broken heart for a souvenir / once was found but now i'm lost / don't even know the name of that street i crossed"
10. "it's so romantic in Paris / won't even try to compare it / thought i was sure that i'd find it / but i already have love in LA"
11. "and for one brief instant they pretend they're safe and warm / then the beat gets louder and the mood is gone / the darkness scatters as the lights flash on / they hold one another just a little too long / then they move apart, and then move on "
12. "i won't forget / the wonder of how you brought deliverance / the exodus of my heart / 'cause you found me / you freed me / held back the waters for my release / oh, Yahweh
13. "making your way in the world today takes everything you got / taking a break from all your worries / sure would help a lot"

how many of those did you recognize? hope that was fun! look, i limited myself on the taylor swift, okay? i spared you from 13 (hehe) lines of gorgeous lyricism.

Southern California (Edited)

February 26, 2021



The first thing a girl notices about you
Your eyes, ocean eyes that come along
Once every hundred years
Boy, there’s somethin’ undeniable about you,
Charisma, charisma that can kill
With a few honeyed words

I think you’re just lonely
Aching for something to fill your void
But you put on a bright smile and never slow your roll
Like they do down in Hollywood Hills

You’re just like Southern California
A little too much to take in
But take another step, you’re quite intoxicating
Beckoning to join you in the revelry
But you’re everything I never wanted
Altogether glittering in the dark
Like Southern California

I wish I didn’t know these things about you
Your smile, a smile that puts everyone 
At ease, boy, like they’ve always known you
Every girl wants or pities you
For your trail of broken hearts
That you’ve left behind for years

I know you’re just lonely
Begging for her to fill your void
But you put on a blasé smile and trendy clothes
Like they do down in Hollywood Hills

You’re just like Southern California
A place I can't remain in
But take another step, you’re quite intoxicating
Beckoning to join you in the revelry
But you’re everything I never wanted
Altogether enchanting in the dark
Like Southern California

The way you live, it hurts my heart
And who knows how many others?
Running from one shiny thing to the next
Leaving the girls who don’t understand you anymore
But, my friend, they’ll never fill your holes that shouldn't be there
They can’t take all those wrongs and make them right

But all is not lost for you
Hope, there’s hope for change
I believe you’re not too far gone
Redemption arc is just beginning for you
And you’ll move away from the allure of the City
Into wide open space where you’re finally free

You’re just like Southern California
You’ve ceased your striving
Left behind all those ways that were so intoxicating
That still beckon you to revelry
And everything you’ve ever wanted
Altogether shining in the sun
Like Southern California

No hate on SoCal!
2.24.21: Edited slightly. Thank you to Jacob Houston for the peer review.

Original Footnotes:
A guy I know inspired this song. He's someone I've known for a long time—not super well, but I've been around him a lot—and I've seen him jumping from one girl to the next since at least 8th grade, if not earlier. But when I've talked to him, I don't think he's trying to hurt people. I mean, he knows his reputation, for sure. But I think he's lonely, like I say in the song. He needs something to fill holes that shouldn't be there. And he is the definition of teenage boy charisma. So it's not hard to see why girls like him; even I've been swept up by him.
The song exaggerates a little, as most do, but much of it is true.

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  • psithurism

    Ooh, I love this!

    3 months ago
  • nolongeractive

    This is so great; my new song called 'the farm' is out now if you wanna check it out!

    3 months ago
  • thea_ivy

    Re: Yes! I think I would die if I even got a stuffed one but a niffler is honestly my dream pet. The only thing that has stopped me all these years from getting one is that I might pass out from a cuteness overload.

    3 months ago
  • barelybear

    Oh and also it works really well to add some depth to stews, soups, gravies and chile con carne

    3 months ago
  • barelybear

    Re: WHAT? NO! MARMITE IS MY JAM!! (Quite literally, it’s a savoury spread that you can use instead of jam. It’s made of yeast, and it’s kinda salty. It’s a big deal in the UK, because you either love it or you hate it. All their adverts are themed around that) AGHH I CANT BELIEVE YOU DONT KNOW IT. If you ever visit the UK, you must buy a massive tub and spread a thin layer over some buttered toast (also works well on buttered crackers, buttered crumpets, buttered bagel, buttered potato, buttered bread etc. Sometimes I just get a spoon, but most people find that it’s a little too strong for that). If it’s your first time trying, perhaps go for a smaller jar, and put on only a little at first. Gah you must try this. You might find a new love!

    That’s super cool that the song is inspired by a real guy. I think it must be a great way of finding inspiration, because the character you’ve written seems really clear and full :)

    3 months ago
  • barelybear

    Woah I love this!! It’s so cool that you’ve given the cliché cute guy character another dimension :D
    And thank you for your comment. It was super sweet! Ngl I would actually love to do a Ted talk. It would probably be on the worst topic though. Like which type of cheese tastes best with marmite ahhah

    3 months ago
  • anemoia (#words)

    I'll reveal all the artists next time i republish this, probably. <3

    3 months ago