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Those Character Charts You Have To Make In English With People In My Life (credit to beth r. for the prompt)

January 24, 2021


Delphi (prefer not to say my last name): 
Strengths- Soccer, surfing, running, too competitive for my own good
Weaknesses- I have a tendency to argue with teachers, too adventurous sometimes
Internal conflicts- Worry if I studied for that test, if the square root is really 9, etc.
External conflicts- Science grade is as of now a B, can't find my school iPad dhhhguytg :/

That best friend you've had since kindergarten who you see ever day
Strengths- Fellow surfer, finds the best zoom hacks so it looks like we're not connected
Weaknesses- You've broken your toe a million times (gets injured from too many things)!!
Internal conflicts- as far as I can see she can't process algebra :P 
External conflicts- Her expressed annoyance with our Spanish teacher and her math teacher

(I have more friends than Anika, don't worry but for the sake of time enter the antagonist)

Current English teacher:
Antagonist (there's also the MakerSpace teacher, but she can wait)
Strengths- Always blaming me when my soccer ball accidentally rickashays against the door of the classroom when JACK HAARMAN intercepted it when I was passing it to Leah which she saw but she had to blame me, constantly pestering me to "put that soccer ball in a bag before I confiscate it" etc. etc.
Weaknesses- She conveniently loses good eyesight when Jack tries to take my soccer ball and comes less than 6 ft
Internal conflicts- When should I conveniently lose hearing and eyesight so Jack doesn't get in trouble but when Delphi throws the soccer ball at his head I automatically get it back?
External conflicts- "Delphi I told you to put the soccer ball in the bag and those shorts are a bit short," "But (insert name usually one of the anti feminist girls) is wearing a crop top that is above her stomach!"

Don't get me wrong she's a good ish teacher but she hates me for no reason tgthguy :/
Credit to beth r. for this prompt, might do a part 2 with other friends and teacher antagonists. Comment on your thoughts and if you enjoyed it! :)


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  • beth r.

    love this
    re: oooh can't wait to see it

    8 months ago
  • kathryn siena

    i have a teacher just like that!

    8 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Haha! Love this!

    8 months ago