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new writer :)
a lot of my storys have already been posted on my wattpad just in case you come across them, I'm not plagiarizing, it's my own work.

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might take this down later idk ;)

my safe place

January 23, 2021


 Everyone has a safe place. It might be a certain nook or room. It could be a field of flowers or even the sky. For some, it is mental. Their imagination is their safe place. But mine are words. The way they can make people feel things, or think things, that's what makes me love them. They tell stories and bring ideas to life. I love to write words and read them. They calm me and bring me to other worlds. I have lived many lives through simple letters. They are my safe place.


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  • FastOceanLove

    I agree! Please check out a piece or two of mine fellow newbie, maybe I'm Not Your Prize (sequel just added aka I'm Not Your Edited Version (part 2 of I'm Not Your Prize!!!)
    and/or the ESP Research Agency series, pls start from the beginning there's about 6 different entries for that one about 1000 words each :) everyone else feel free as well!

    about 1 month ago
  • rainydayz

    beautiful. i feel like i have multiple safe spaces but we definitely share this one in common

    about 1 month ago