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Why The Night Is Dark

January 23, 2021

A long time ago, the world was a barren place
A desert in it's own right
A place where the eternally damned fear the night
When the night set in
It wasn't dark 
There was no such thing as dark
The muses told a young girl 
That her mother was dead 
Then the worst night of all the earth set in
And the creatures that emerged from the cracks
In the fiery light
As they did every night
Were controlled by a young girl
Who wanted right to be right
And the world reeked of death
As was wished for by a girl
Wanting her pound of flesh
And the girl couldn't find her mother
Amidst the fire that flamed
For her mother wad hidden in plane sight
After all, she was named
Light was invisible 
To the naked eye
Light's daughter
Soared mountains high
In the midst of the worst night
Where creatures were ruthless
She had a delicate request
If my mother is dead
To see her would be best

She asked the mountain god
To grant her a favor 
To find her dying mother 
To savor 
The last moments of life
The mountain god granted it
As right is right
And as the girl searched for her mother
Set in a dark night


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  • AstroWriter

    I love this!!!! Thanks for using my prompt btw. This is such a interesting, detailed story. I would totally believe if the ancient people (lol) made this myth!

    4 months ago