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Three short poems from the past month

January 22, 2021


I am trapped 
with the knowledge
i have the key
and the doors only 
10 meters away

Tonight may be the end of the world
will I finally be happy be happy when its all over 
Will i bathe under the stars
laugh at the whispers of the wind

And the thoughts get to loud
but there right 
I'm not 
i hate it, i hate me
Hey it been a while, haha. It January again and I know not everyone believes in the 'new year new me' i certainly don't but it is a nice reset, a time where we can leave last year in the past. For some reason I was certain that the would would end before 2021 especially around the great conjunction which was what the second poem was about, haha. I hope you are doing okay and don't forget to drink water and have a snack <3


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  • Ren(hiatus)

    I really like the 2nd one! Nice work

    4 months ago