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Coconut Oil and Vaseline

January 29, 2021


How to stay warm during the winter.
1) Put lotion on your face, arms, and legs
2) Put Vaseline over the same areas
Now you'll be a little warmer this winter.

    I've seen my mama do this trick over the years and I never tried it until I was in the fourth grade. The only time I put on Vaseline was for my lips. The habit of biting your lips can be a horrible one and make your lips look like chewed bubble gum. I loved the way my lips would shine like the sun and have a new feel, Vaseline was my makeup. 
    Another time I put Vaseline on my eyebrows to lay them down. My eyebrows could audition to be a cast member in Grease.
    Did you know coconut oil becomes a liquid in the summer and solid in the winter? Yes? Welp, I'm the only one who didn't know. Coconut oil can be used for cooking, skin, and hair. Mama would keep one in the kitchen and the other in her bathroom.
    Another habit of mine is biting my nails when I'm bored, I get bored easily, my skin would peal back. Mama would put coconut oil on the fingers before going to bed when I was younger.
I don't like the taste of coconut.


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