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Mother of Death

February 4, 2021

Mother of Death lingered close but kept her distance.
Cloaked in a gown of snow,
sickle held low,
another life taken too soon.

She knew that waiting any longer would break the cycle,
and she wanted the boy.

The mother,
a peasant,
was hesitant and angry 
to see Death.
Clutching onto her boy,
desperately wishing to hear her son laugh again.

Death strolled forward.

The mother moved away.

Shrubbery grew around the pale feet of Death.
She knelt down and whispered sweet words into the child's ear.
A smile plastered her face.
For Mother of Death
is the Mother of Life.
The prompt I'm doing is from an older prompt from a same type of list: Write something inspired by a favorite painting. (by Cranevarnish)
The painting is called Döden or Nāve (I'm sorry if the name is wrong) by the Latvian painter Janis Rozentāls.


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