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you can't be happy all the time | LYRICAL no. 1

January 22, 2021


I don't wanna cry

Please don't cry
I'm here, don't worry, I'm right here
I'm not leaving you
Not now
Not ever. 

But now it's hard to breathe

Just, slow down
You don't need to run
You don't need to run away, it's okay
I know you're scared 
Here, I'll breath with you
In... and out
In... and out. 

And now everybody's standin' here

I know, I know it's hard
We all care about you
We all want you to feel okay
Here, take my hand
It's just me now
Ignore them, it's just me
Look at me
Right here, I'm right here.  

But no one seems to know me

It feels like that sometimes
The pain
But I know, right?
I know you love to protect leaves and perfect little blades of grass
I know you care so much, for all of us, sometimes too much
I know that you climb trees to forget the hurt
I know you dance in the middle of the night,
When there's too much on your mind 
I know you're struggling, and that's okay
Let me be here for you. 

And I'm alright
Tomorrow I'll be fine

You're doing good
Yes, you will be 
I'm proud of you.  

'Cause you can't be happy
You can't be happy all the time

That's... true
It is
Everyone has emotion
They feel like the weight of the world sometimes
But hey
I'm here because I made a promise
To you, to be with you
All of you
The good, the bad
The sad, the happy
I'm here for it all. 

You can't be happy all the time

I love you
You can't change my mind about that
I'm going to help you, whatever it takes
I won't give up on you
I won't give up on you. 


Hey, c'mon, let's go outside
Find leaves to protect
Trees to climb
Just you and me.  

You can't be happy all the time

Can't Be Happy All The Time by Tones and I


This is my own spin on one of the mid-January prompts. I just might be starting a series, in an attempt to find new forms of writing and try something new, so, hopefully it goes alright. All of the piece will have [LYRICAL] in the title, makes things easier. I'm going to be finding songs that I find are reflecting parts of my life, and make some emotional poetry out of them :)
Happy writing, take care friends <3


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  • 4ExtraShotsOfEspresso

    Re: Thanks s o much! I actually look up to you a lot here, and your writing is just so breathtaking, so it kinda means a lot to me that ya like it! Again, thanks a million!

    8 months ago
  • Starlitskies

    Oh wow! This is so emotional! I love it! I related so much with each and every line in italics, and it got me every time that those exact thoughts have run through my head. I've been struggling with my mental health lately. :( I love how, you made the poem conversational and your lines are the exact words someone needs when they're in that headspace. Well, guess what, I think I'm gonna bookmark this and come back to it, just to read when things don't seem too well. Thanks! <3

    8 months ago