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Three Words

January 21, 2021

a poem that incorporates three words—one that your friend would use to describe you, one a family member would use to describe you, and one YOU would use to describe you 

My companions say I am like a rock,
Once I am in daze I get right back up, 
Nothing is in my way,
As my feet rise once more, 
I see another day,
Only thing that is in my way is me,
I am the only one that can bring myself down,
As I keep on walking miles and miles,
I am by my house looking at the mellow light,
As it beams at me I see my family, 
They say I am handsome, 
The light shining on me is a gift,
Just like the beauty that makes me stand out, 
The beauty puts people in daze, 
Just like the mellow light,
Once I look away from the day of light I am leading,
That's what I call myself a leader, 
I do not stay in the day of light all day,
I am leading myself to do better,
So I can have a better tomorrow,



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