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January 21, 2021

a myth that explains why the sky turns black at night

    A long time ago, when the sky was white, there were to brothers who were also the sons of the God. One was named day and one night. They loved each other dearly and were together all the time. Nothing could separate these two brothers. All the villagers in the town were jealous of their harmony, and wanted a sibling like that.
    One day, when the two brothers had grown up, their father approached them. He was getting very old and couldn't keep up with all the struggles of creating new things on Earth. The God said, "Dear sons, I am getting very old as you already know. I can not keep up with inventing things on Earth, so I am giving it to you guys. I put everyone to sleep, so no one can see this happening." He took it out of the bag and gave to Day. Night, who had always been the greedy one, snatched it out of Day's hands. "Why not me father?! What did I do?" Night asked. Day was surprised by Night's behaviour and didn't say anything. "Night, I have already said I am giving to both of you guys," the father explained. "I want to have all the power!" Night raged. Night put it on a nearby table and continued yelling. His father yelled back, but got quickly tired. Night pushed him, causing the God to fall on the floor. When Night wasn't paying attention, Day quickly put Earth in a bag and left the room. He ran away to nowhere to protect the Earth. The Earth hidden in the bag was now black because of the darkness.
    After sometime, Day stopped. He took the Earth out of the bag and cried because of how Night betrayed him. His tears covered the Earth, causing the sky to turn blue.


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  • Nikki

    Yay! love this pieceee! so smartly written, maybe it actually happened? :D

    5 months ago