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100 years

January 22, 2021

about what you imagine your hundredth birthday party will be like (by SunV)

I never thought I'd hit 100 years old. I thought it was over at 15 when a pandemic ravaged the earth. The number of deaths creeping higher with every passing day, human stupidity was sure to be our downfall, no? But I survived. We survive. 
30 hit. The earth reached her limit. We pushed and pushed and acted surprised when she struck back. Her anger clear in the screaming winds that blew thoughts from our minds. The ground seemed to shake with her sobs as torrential rains washed homes from their foundations, wiping cities from the map. Leaving them to exist only in memory. In hushed stories that no matter the pain they brought, were told over and over again. Maybe we felt like these people deserved to be remembered, maybe we were the ones who needed remembering. Either way, that's how our lives continued. For all the wars humanity had fought, you'd think we'd have been better equipped to fight this one. To learn to adapt to the air that burned our lungs and to the ice that coated our skin. And we did... for the most part. Some couldn't bear the hatred that laced the whispers of the sea and flung themselves into it. Others blamed advancements of humanity. Said we'd strayed too far from our path. I suppose everyone has to cope somehow. We kept going, our numbers dwindling.

 At 50 only ten million of us were left. Scattered to the winds, left to fight this battle on our own. We fought like hell and we seemed to win. At the very least we'd seemed to reach a truce. We grew used to the quiet, the peace. Growing under the motherly light of the sun. I'd lay and watch the skies grow darker and wonder. Did we get stuck with this misfortune for the creator of all no longer felt needed? Because she wanted to be remembered? It seemed to be so. Humanity began to rebuild itself. We found our roots back in the cities, back in the towns. We moved on from the pain, we forgot the stories. They seemed so distant, who needed those tales in a new world? A perilous mistake.

 At 70, the screaming started. It struck as we laid in our beds, as we let our consciousness fade. Let the peace take over. Shrill and never ending, it drilled into our very core. The pain blinding. I wanted to die. I wanted this to stop at any cost but it didn't. It wouldn't. The white-hot screeching tuned out everything and anything. I remember nothing but agony. Today it stopped. The silence was louder than any sound, it felt heavy and foreign... it made me feel alone. I was. I'm sure the screams I let out when it hit would have been enough to deafen anyone had they still been alive. Their bodies littered the street. Millions of them. Somehow we'd all found ourselves here. This city that once inspired us is nothing but a mass grave. The walls once covered in graffiti now painted with the date. Telling me how much time I'd lost. 30 years. 30 years of this. Of this emptiness. 

As I lay here dying, I still don't know who did it. If they did this. This isn't how I thought I would spend my 100th birthday but strangely, I feel no regret for the time lost. I'm just tired. It's over.
Hey guys! Sorry if the story feels a bit rushed, I wanted to keep it short. 

I'm proud of you for making it this far, you matter. Stay safe


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  • Riya

    I love this and it's an interesting dystopic idea! I actually did something for the same prompt but it's completely unlike what you did. It's funny how the same words can inspire two wildly different ideas.

    4 months ago
  • writer_gal

    Re: Thank you so much for saying so, you have no idea how much it means to me. I don't really know what I meant by the screaming if I'm being totally honest. I think I saw it as humanity's rationality and mental well-being just finally snapping, turning thoughts into agony.

    4 months ago
  • Shivona

    Honestly this was one of the most well thought out, well written piece I have ever read.
    You have SUCH a talent like woah, when I read your works it feels familiar and homely i don't know why... You've got something special, thank you for writing this!
    I have one question though, what do you mean by the screaming? What caused it?

    4 months ago