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Do you think writing lists like this is self-centred, or a boost to your confidence? I'd be really interested to know.
Also, if any of you are constantly told 'no' by the people around you, know that I'm in the same boat and would be more than grateful for you to share your experiences. Much obliged-Lilyo.

Truths About Myself That I Am Proud Of

May 7, 2015

  1. The fact I have the courage to stand in front of a crowd and voice my opinions without caring about peoples' opinions. This means that I:
  2. Am not afraid to be an individual and set myself apart from the majority-Why follow the crowd when you can carve your own path?
  3. I enjoy simple pleasures and the finer things in life-books, films, shopping, chatting to my friends...It's nice to take pleasure in aspects of daily life. They brighten up a gloomy day.
  4. My few talents and skills that I am infinitely grateful for-writing, acting, and the ability to pick up on other peoples' emotions. I'm not sentimental by nature, but to me it's obvious when someone is feeling uncomfortable.
  5. My ginger hair means I suit the colour green. Yay!
  6. When I've got a piece of work due I will work fiercely to get it done, regardless of how tired I am.
  7. I'm not the least embarrassed about how self-centred this post is. Until I'm famous, no-one will bother to write about me. So, I will just simply write about myself until that day comes.
  8. If the world gives me crap, I will throw it back tenfold. In your face, suckers!!
  9. My teachers at school give me respect when I show it to them-they're the ones witb fancy degrees and nice clothes, so I might as well take a leaf out of their books.
  10. And finally- even when I am called a freak and a weirdo and told that my life will come to nothing, especially by my own family-I keep my head up high, ignore them and never, ever apologise for being the person I am.


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  • Christiana Rogers

    I believe writing like this is a confidence boost. Its always awesome to be able to see the good inside yourself

    almost 4 years ago