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hmmm this is weird.

gothic romance

January 21, 2021

- a piece using only lyrics from songs (don't forget to credit each song and songwriter in the footnotes) (by lemonnsharkk)

there's no way i could save you
cause i need to be saved too

my bad dreams are silk screened 
'cause i taste blood when you bleed
it's eating me alive 

how do i love again?
how do i trust again?

every night i'm dancing with your ghost 

going in our separate ways
but when i'm back here in the middle --

little voices in my head:

does it make me the criminal?
that i let you go

1 -- "Goodbyes" by Post Malone
2 -- "forget me too" by Machine Gun Kelly(ft. Halsey)
3&4 -- "Dancing With Your Ghost" by Sasha Sloan
5 -- "This Love" by Camila Cabello
6 -- "Consequences" by Camila Cabello
7 -- "rubberband" by Tate McRae


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