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Blood Equations

January 20, 2021


Cuts collect over your body,
continuing a paranoid existence.
Do them the right way. 
Cold, inanimate functions.

You are fractured and bloodied.
A body contorted- arms wound
tight around legs.
Rip them, free them.

Your claw took the
nightmare and lodged it
impossibly into
red skin.

Left, right, behind.
A bold mistake you walk-
drawing, spreading blood
you used to need.

It’s not clean, it’s unfair.
The whistle of decision burned 
your skull down, quick and done, 
demolishing your memories.

You are only skin and bones,
a truth and code rewritten.
You tried your best;
this isn’t on you.

Broken functions.

>Remember the perspective
that destroying yourself
cures pain like death.
>Tell them it’s better this way.

You couldn’t take it anymore.
The body you dragged home,
raw and lost, wasn’t even yours.
You are slipping from the injustice.

It’s a handful of hours
surviving and smoldering
in broken glass shards.
If you keep quiet


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