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Hey! I've published this before, but I would really love some ways to improve it- I would be grateful for anything and everything!
Have a lovely week! :)

The Wish

February 11, 2021


In the beginning, there was nothing but a swirling mist woven between the atoms of an unmade universe. 
Then, there was a Woman. 
Clothed in a silver dress and sheets of stark white hair, she was beautiful, gliding through the nothingness like a ghost ship. Easily as enigmatic. Easily as formidable. She was a dealer leading the blind in a game of poker with blank cards. She had the potential to be the creator of all that could be and the undoing of all that ever was. 
She granted wishes but on one condition- they could not be undone.
Creating the first man, she sculpted an idea and breathed into it the essence of life, the droplets from her breath hanging in the darkness like something yet to be placed. 

“What do you wish for?” she asked, her unearthly voice echoing in the nothingness. 
Thinking, the man frowned. And then, in a cautious tone, he said, 
“An answer. How many wishes can I have?”
The Woman looked at him, impressed, and smiled. 
“As many as you can bear.” 
“...I wish for love,” he began.
“Then you shall have it.”
“I wish for satisfaction” 
And so it continued: when the man wished for a home, the earth formed at his feet; when he wished for children, they were woven from yellow barley. On and on he went until flowers and animals, knowledge and wisdom, and today and
tomorrow and yesterday all surrounded him. 

“Now,” he said, as his children laughed and his world blossomed behind him, “my last wish.”
Tilting her head, the woman said,
“You have granted me all of this,” he gestured at his paradise, his dominion, “but I wish for something more, something I want more than anything.”
Widening, his eyes flashed with hunger.
“I wish for your power.”
The woman shook her head imperceptibly.
“Very well,” she said, and not a word more.
Like a hook behind his navel, the man was hoisted high into the first clouds by an invisible force, and then higher still. Power coursed through his blood and he closed his eyes, feeling himself grow warmer and warmer the higher they flew until he was jolted to a stop. But when the man opened his eyes, he did not see his new world at his feet, nor, now he thought about it, did he feel the warmth he once had. Looking down in horror, he saw that his body was glowing brighter than anything he had ever seen or anything he could even imagine. 

“What have you done to me?” he hissed.
“I have granted your wish,” came the reply.
“This isn’t what I wished and you know it! I wanted to-”
“- to be a God,” the woman finished curtly, something far deeper and far more sincere than trickery in her beautiful eyes, “I gave you the power you craved, and it cannot be undone.”
Despair clung at the man’s heart, and he recalled a wish he had not yet made. 
“Wait!” he called desperately, “please, can I have one more wish?”
Whether it was sympathy or curiosity, the woman nodded. 
The man swallowed and closed his eyes in resignation. 
“I wish to be remembered.”
The woman faltered. When she spoke, she had to fight to keep the awe from her voice. 

“Do you not understand? You will always be remembered- children will believe in you irrevocably, and adults will recall you fondly. Teenagers will fall in love beneath you and will call for you when all hope is lost. You are their dreams, their hero, their first love. They will wish upon you, and it is your duty to fulfil even their most insatiable of fantasies.”

Furrowing his eyebrows, the man looked up. A confused expression passed across his face, and then came back and camped there. 

“Th-they me?” the man asked, and the woman nodded. He contemplated this for a moment, then continued.
“What am I?”

At this, the Woman simply smiled a knowing smile and spoke in a plain and truthful voice.

“You are their star.”
Hey! I've published this once, but I am in dire need of proper criticism- how can I improve it? And has anyone got any ideas for a decent title? It would be a huge help! :)


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  • Cosmogyral

    My peeve is; how can she wish for something that didn't exist until she wished for it? I'm not christian, but it's a lovely piece.

    about 1 month ago