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this poems really close to my heart! thank you for reading.

a letter never written

January 25, 2021


dear unaddressed angel,

thinking of you 
i am numb. 
a loss for emotion 
in an overwhelmingly full way.
i heard once,
that your mind knows when there’s too much to handle.
shuts down emotion as a defense.
i’m drained of all energy.
you provided that fire.
driven by the need to make you proud.

a mix between refusing to believe
and incomprehension.
did you see the new show to-...
i experience realization in waves.
it comes in with the humble tide.
nothing with substantial significance yet. 

i’d meant to write you. 
tell you how much you meant.
never was unsure what but how. 
how does one place into words a feeling they don’t understand?
you knew only an atom of your impact.
i wish i had the time to tell you the rest.

too many pages left unwritten.
too many words left unsaid.
one too little letters unsent.

the futile 


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  • Ree Sethu

    Wow! This hits hard. Especially the last lines. Beautiful!

    about 1 month ago