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dying in vibrant

January 21, 2021


The city's crumbling ruins make it hard to catch a glimpse of Rae. My clothes were already tattered and I was exhausted from fighting but the battle isn't over yet but I have to know where she was and that she's safe.
I feel the urge to run from where I'm standing in front of the man in the trench coat to go find Rae but if I move, even slightly, he'll go after the nuclear heart. 
My head whips around as I see Rae being lugged into a large menacing vehicle and the man in the trench coat's henchmen don't take any extra time to be gentle with her. Before I realize it I've started running over to where she's being taken and the man in the trench coat takes his chance and lunges for the heart. 
Rae wakes up from her unconscious slumber at the sound of the heart being lifted from the pedestal and I know I should be trying to stop him but I have to save Rae first.
The henchmen laugh loudly and drag her towards me because the man in the trench coat had gotten the heart. It was all they wanted. 
Rae looks up at me as her eyes flutter open and closed. She says something so quiet I have to strain myself to hear her. Weak and broken she whispers
"I'm not worth it, save the heart"
and her eyes close again and my heart halts. I check quickly and make sure she's still alive.
Time stops still when her soft breathing ceases.
My breaths become loud sobs and I struggle to keep the tears in my eyes from falling.
She knew she was dying but she risked it to save the heart anyway.
Anger and grief flush through my veins and I stand and find the man in the trench coat standing there, admiring the heart.
Every bone in my body ached and my head was pounding but I knew what I had to do.
I slowly reached behind me and clutched a large piece of glass from a broken window of one of the many destroyed buildings. The shard in my shaking hand glistening as I was working up my nerve.
The final tear rolled off my nose and I let out a cry of pain as I threw the glass at the man, the glass slicing my hand as it left my grasp.
It hit the man right in the forehead. The impact left a large and severe looking dent in his skull. The man in the trench coat fell to the ground and blindly touched his forehead, his breathing ragged and short. The henchmen were nowhere to be found.
The man fell silent and I knew I had done it, now just to get the heart back where it belonged. I tried to get up but my limbs were so heavy and even the slightest noise was echoing around my skull. There were spots in my eyes and I felt myself hit the ground, blood gushing out of my palm.
With every last strength I had I reached out my hand and found Rae's. As the clouds around my line of vision moved inward I clutched Rae's and harder and the darkness covered everything.

My eyelids felt heavy and I was still tired but I opened my eyes. Dazed and lost I sat up and found that my hand had been stitched and bandaged when I tried to use it to push myself off the ground.
My whole body ached and I got lightheaded the minute I got up. Once I found my balance and the lightheaded sensation subdued I looked around and found myself standing exactly where I had fallen but it looked different. The nuclear heart was gone and so was Rae. There were flowers budding and grass was sprouting between cracks in the pavement and rubble of the obliterated buildings. Trees were a vibrant green and birds flew around above.
Was all this here when I fell?
Someone approaches me and I squint my eyes to see their face but the sun blinded me from doing so. They held out their hand to me and warily, I take it.
They lead me to a horribly boring room and a figure in all white sits facing the wall. They turn around slowly and I see a pulsing emerald green heart in the figures lap. The person's face was covered and there was no way to identify them so I didn't know if it was safe to trust them, but something in me said it was ok.
So I was dealing with a bad case of writers block and found this prompt ----> You are a popular book heroine’s love interest. You now have 60 seconds to convince them that saving the city is more important than saving you.
It got me thinking and I kinda altered it a little but this is what inspired this soooooo yeah. Tell me if you want a continued version or part to because I love this story but don't know what to do with it.
Try the prompt if you want, and if you do make your own version pls comment and let me know because I'd love to read it.


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  • Lata.B

    Re- Ahh rlly? thank you so much that is so sweet!!

    about 1 month ago
  • Anne Blackwood

    Wow, this is amazing! So vivid and impactful.

    about 1 month ago