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Aspiring author from the U.S.
I'm 16 years old
I hope to publish my own novels, novellas, and manga one day.
Mostly on here to receive feedback on how well I'm doing in my writing journey! :)
INTP-T (Turbulent Logician)

Message to Readers

Love others, Be kind and Keep the faith.

Any feedback is appeciated.


January 22, 2021




Twinkling lights of warming flame on
White marble and stone
Melted wax, Green monstera leaves
 these are memories of home.
Golden-hour light embracing the hearth of yesterday
As time stood nill and stern in its’ reminiscent shores of shame.

Cold, bitter, melancholy 
acrid nectar lies. 
My dreams of procuring a red-engine hat
From childhood memories gone by.
They sweep in like a flood 
But devour like ablaze.
My heart burns guilty with the tedium
From recalling lighter days.

Heavy burdens bearing soft words
 Shining lives that have lost their luster
An infant soul that has slowed its’ hunger
 Tragedies untold

Where have you gone, "Better Days"?
And when will you return?
time has been unkind to those whose light has been outshone.

Black, Cinder black
Their light has been extinguished
by a breeze carrying their cries.

That's better, right? ~ The world as we know it.
This is a series or more of a tribute to someone going through life being jaded by wanting to return to a time where things were better, but can we ever truly say that they were better? Who's to say they weren't as terrible as the worst day in your journey through life. Don't dwell on the past but focus on the future and make your next day your best day. Things will get better. YOU ARE DESTINED FOR VICTORY~ Pastor Paul Sheppard, Destined for Victory Ministries.


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  • Lata.B

    Hey! How are you doing? Great I hope! Sorry for such a late reply! And thank you for your comment! :)
    I wrote more to my story and I would love if you could give it a read! Whenever you have time tho! ALSO PLEASE CHECK THE MESSAGE BOX if you want more info about the story :D

    1 day ago
  • Lata.B

    Re- AHHH aww thank you so so much<3
    good news: I actually wrote more to my story!! I finally got the chance! :)
    If your up for a bit of reading please take a look! Again thank you for your comment! <3

    5 days ago
  • Lata.B

    AHH Okay I wrote more to my story! Pleaseee take a look! Sending lots of love<3

    21 days ago
  • Lata.B

    Re- Your comment made me burst out laughing ahah thank you for that!!

    21 days ago
  • Lata.B

    Hii!! I hope you are doing wonderful! Have you found any inspiration yet, because i know you're on a break BUT ALSO i wrote more to my story!!!

    22 days ago
  • Lata.B

    Re- Haha aww yup It could go both ways! Thank you so much!! (Yea it oddly hasn't been working since last night!)

    23 days ago
  • Lata.B

    I wrote more to my story! You being interested in it just makes me so happy! Thank you for your support!

    23 days ago
  • Lata.B

    Hi! I wrote more to my story! It would be so amazing if you took a look! :D Sending lots of love<3

    24 days ago
  • tanvinagar

    Wow, this is wonderful. I literally loved this so so much. Do consider reading a few of my pieces. I would love to hear from a talented writer like you. Thank you in advance!!!

    25 days ago
  • Emi

    I love this! It's really wise what you say at the bottom, as well. People are always looking back and staying life is so horrible, when really we just need to look forward and have faith that it will get better.

    about 1 month ago
  • Lata.B

    Ok can I just say that this piece is soooo good! The descriptive words you used throughout wow this is just beautiful!!
    Re- Thank you so much for taking the time to read this piece (Ik it's super long!! )
    Would you like to be notified when I post more? :)
    Thank you so much for your support!!

    about 1 month ago
  • psithurism #words [Sunnydew]

    re: Aww thanks!

    about 1 month ago
  • ATH

    Great use of adjectives!

    about 1 month ago
  • Livsnjutare (#words)

    I agree with sydd, this is AMAZING!
    The way you worded it was beautiful, and I couldn't stop reading!
    Great job!

    about 1 month ago
  • syddd :)

    I LOVE THIS!! the wording is beautiful and the flow is just perfect!!

    about 1 month ago