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She/he/them, I'm 14, I listen to a large range of music.
I like anime and writing short stories.
My favorite anime right now is Kakegurui.
You can call me Jas, and I'm genderfluid!
Insomniacs of all kinds are welcome!
Hope you enjoy!

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I work with my cousin on his account, WailingWords742.

“Sometimes I do feel like I’m a failure. Like there’s no hope for me. But even so, I’m not gonna give up. Ever!”–Izuku Midoriya

“They’ve been exposed to the outside world, up close and personal. They’ve had that fear planted in them. And they’ve endured it. Overcome it. Each has grown from that experience. And forgotten how to hesitate.”–Shouta Aizawa

"I wanna be a crow," -Me

Follow, me I'll follow you back! An eye for an eye basically, but a heck of a lot nicer, and less violent!


January 20, 2021


Gilded wings spilled from his spine,
his silvered tongue spoke honey.
Standing up, tall and fair
Golden sword lay still at his side,
As flames danced his eyes.
Trees bowed down as his arms opened wide,
and welcomed us into a warm embrace.
Safe at last, beneath his mirthful gaze.
Introducing the first character for a series i might work on, Blaise! His design revolves around the comforting, safe aspect of fire, the calmer flames. He is a protector, and is light-hearted as well as easy-going, unlike his elder brother, Gale, the more destructive side of fire.


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