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Double Standards

May 11, 2015

As a young girl I grew up playing sports; my favorite was hockey because I loved the energy and roughness in the game. But now as a teenager my family dealt with struggles so I had to stop playing. Realzing as I got older, playing made me more unhappy because I couldn't make a career out of it because I am a woman. Woman fought for equality in the world and to get sports equality also but they changed all the rules for the girls. 

One major rule that they changed was the rule for checking. There is different rules for girls and it's no checking and hitting, because they could get hurt or injured. To me it doesn't make any sense because, why would you play if you are scared of getting hurt? Hockey is one of the top physical sports and its almost a given that you will get hurt or hurt someone. 

Checking is such an important part of the game becuase it is one of the main ways you can get the puck. Also its almost never a penatly. 


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