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1984 George Orwell

January 19, 2021

1984 Book Review
George Orwell gives us a deep dive into his abyss of an imagination in his century defining book, 1984. Inside the abyss is a world where the government has complete control over everything, under a figure known as Big Brother. The party controls the world’s history, language, and all thoughts hostilely targeting the party. This “thoughtcrime” is one of the most punishable in Oceania, the country where Big Brother rules.
Readers are introduced to one revolutionary, Winston Smith. A single man working for the government, he begins to question the legitimacy of the government and rebels against them. He begins writing down his thoughts in an illegally bought diary and starts seeking out the Brotherhood, a group that is working towards overthrowing the government. At a meeting called “The Hate” where the party bashes the brotherhood, Winston meets a woman named Julia and a man named O’Brien. He suspects Julia at first but immediately gets the impression from O’Brien that he is secretly rebelling too. Soon, Julia confesses that she is against the party and from there, the group learns the ways of the brotherhood and its leader Emmanuel Goldstein.
This book will create a world that is the same time realistic as fictional. It makes you aware of what is currently occurring in the world right now and brings you into its own world. The constant ramming of the words “war is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength” (4) along with the pictures of Big Brother “which are so contrived that the eyes follow you about when you move” (1-2) pull you into the blackhole that is Big Brother and the party.
I loved this book because of the awakening it gave me. It taught me to always think for myself and not always follow others, and to cherish the freedom we have today in America. Many other people in other nations cannot relish in the privilege we have in the United States. Countries like North Korea and China where the government heavily censors people and the media inch closer and closer to the dystopian universe of 1984. The cultural revolution in china closely rival the censorship and government takeover of Big Brother.
1984 is an excellent book for young adults and older teens entering the “real world”. The themes of government takeover and the manipulation of people and the language of the book may be too mature and difficult to understand for young teens and children. However, it gives the proper precautions for people on the path to making their own decisions.
I love how this book gives such an accurate description of what could potentially become of the world so far in the past. For a book published in 1949, George Orwell gives so much insight into the world and its dangers. His insight into how Winston slowly rebels more and more against the party is shockingly accurate. I hope many people read this insightful and attention-grasping book and share the same experience I had while reading this.


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  • Holy_Grail

    I've read the book and it was amazing

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