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Everything Everything

January 19, 2021

When Maddy first sees Olly, it’s when he moves in. Then she starts to see him skating around the block, from her window. Eventually, they exchange emails and start talking. Maddy has never really had a friend, especially not a boyfriend so this is all new to her. She really appreciated even having someone to talk to which is not her mother, Carla, or Carla's daughter. 
Eventually, she asks Carla a very risky question, can Olly come inside. Maddy has SCID, which is a rare genetic condition that basically makes you unable to go outside. You are extremely susceptible to infection, and it is very dangerous to have other germs around you. Carla immediately says no, but after a few days of pressure she gives in. They meet up and instantly Maddy feels a connection between them. Eventually, they hang out every week. Until, one day her mother comes home early. Only to see Olly and Maddy in the same room together. She is horrified. She fires Carla on the spot, kicks Olly out, and screams at Maddy for her carelessness to her condition. Maddy is appalled that she got one of her only friends, Carla, got fired and that this was her mother's first impression on the boy she actually really liked. 
They emailed for a while, while a new nurse came and took care of Maddy. She was very mean and didn't have any leeway when it came to her mother’s ru les. Maddy was starting to get unhappy. She knew she had to change something. Maddy decides that she is going to run away. Her and Olly text about their plan, though Olly thinks it's a horrendous idea given her condition. Eventually, he agrees. They leave the house and Maddy is amazed at how amazing the world outside smells and looks. 
They go to Hawaii, Maddys only dream. They have an amazing first day until Maddy collapses onto the ground. Olly rushes her to the hospital as fast as he can, and the nurses run a few tests. She will be okay but she has to go home. Her mother was shocked and furious at her and what she was doing, but was glad that she was safe. She yelled at Olly again. Some test results came back to the house that Maddy will later read. 
When you read the book, you will be absolutely amazed with these results and what happened next. All in all, I would give this book 5 out of 5 stars. It's so entertaining, you won't ever want to put it down. If everybody read this book, I think the world would be different because I know I wanted to spend more time outside after this, also just a really good book on SCID awareness, which is one of the reasons why I belive the author wrote this novel.
Is Maddy okay? See what ends up happening when you read “Everything everything” by Nicola Yoon.


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