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Should I make this into a series?

Take Off

March 1, 2021

    Michael: "Welcome to Emirates Airline," the fancy dressed lady says to no one in particular. I shuffle through the bustling hallways and get to my seat. My hands lift the heavy black bag up into the stowage and I go to the window seat. I put my backpack down the narrow spot beneath my feet and get my earphones and phone out the front pocket. I feel the cold surface of the earphones and put on a song. I put the volume all the way high, just the way I like it. My eyes naturally fall to the window. I feel a tap on my shoulder and I turn around.
    Riley: "Uh, hi. Can you help me get the bags in the luggage holder please. I can't really reach it." I politely say. The boy in the window seat with shaggy dark hair unplugs those annoying earphones asks me to repeat myself. "Can you please help me get my bags into the luggage carrier? I can't reach it," I say it a lot slower and in frustration this time. "Sure." He scooches over and gets up. I hand him over my luggage bags and he easily puts it in the small compartment. "By the way, it's called a stowage," he says with a small smile. How rude.
    Michael: After helping the short lady, I go back to my seat. Hot air suddenly enters the plane, so I unbutton my red checkered flannel shirt. She quietly gets into the seat next to me and glares at me with her green eyes. I quickly put in my earphones and look out the window wondering why the woman's mad at me. After all, I helped her get the luggage in the stowage. I hum to a rap and glance at the lady. She has glasses with a gold chain on her and is scrolling through the movie selection on the screen in front of her. She clicks a button on the side and suddenly loud rap music comes out of the screen. It freezes everyone and makes them start turning their head toward our seats with scrunched up faces. I quickly look out the window to hide my face.
    Riley: My face flushes with heat and color as I press another button which, thankfully, makes the music mute. I whisper sorry and people shake their heads and go back to what they were doing. I pray to god for the plane to land safely and strong voice enters my ears from the speakers. Safety procedures are told and set arest as the plane starts running down the runway.
Hi guys! Should I make this into a series with each new piece about another hour on the flight?


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