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Autumnal Vicissitudes

January 19, 2021


Nature is a reflection, a mirror held up to all.
It’s decline of beauty is the bitter berry of nature, of life itself. The slow destruction; the bite of glacial north wind and melancholy showers commence the ravaging and diminishing of the bright allure of summertime.
Frost and bitterness gather upon the translucent gilded edges of leaves- a gold lining like greying hair, a marker of time, the start of a decline.
Like crows feet and liver spotting, it is a wrinkle upon nature: this waning and morphing from viridescence into aureate. It is a laurel upon the crown of a victor, a warrior, a king- but alas, the life of a hero, of victory and opulence is never long, shall never last. Such is the mutability of the nature of life.
It is a short life.
The few days of a butterfly. Borne into warmth, developing through a fine summer and dying when the cold seeps in. Bright wings and alluring, but fragile; susceptible to decay. Of course. Such beauty, such bright rays and warmth are bound to, no, destined to catch and snag, to be torn upon the barbed, wire gates of autumn.
Fated. Nature’s greatest tragedy.
Such riches crepitate into an inferno of vermillion, like rusted blood on the sword of reminiscences, where it is soon quenched and departs on a wind-dragged descent to the dark earth.
It rots and disintegrates into nothing.
Only the former memory remains. Once young. It is now forgotten.
Such are we.


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  • Yellow Sweater

    Fascinating philosophically ideas and beautiful imagery. And you combine these things in an absolutely intoxicating way. I am in awe! Also I love for profile picture!

    4 months ago
  • AstroWriter

    You are a really good artiest!

    4 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    But nature rots to be beautiful, we are not. Rust is not nature, it is man-made, organic in the least. This is beautiful.

    4 months ago