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Drugs, Rape, and Death Surrounds the NFL

May 12, 2015

There has been a lot of crimes surrounding the NFL lately, from child abuse, to rape and murder. The list goes on. But I'm going to take the focus off of the recent news, and speil about a case from a while ago involving Darrell Russells lawlessness.

While Darrell Russell, 26, previous Oakland Raider and Washington Redskins player, was put on a year suspention for testing positive of the use of ecstasy in 2002, he and two other men; Ali Martine Hayes, 27, and Naeem Rashad Perr, 24, get charged for drugging, and raping a woman who had been slipped GHB, also known as roofies. To top it off they videotaped it. The woman believes Russell was the one to slip her the date-rape drug on that Thursday at the bar they were both attending. Now, like I said he was not alone, Alameda police say that they found the video of the alledged assult in the home of one of Russells teamates. When they appeared in court on February 4, 2002 they were all facing more than two dozen felony counts each: eight counts of rape by use of drugs, six counts of oral copulation of an unconsious person, five counts of sexual penetration by forgein object, and six counts of sexual battery. The woman had told police that she knew him, in fact she had been casually dating him for the past four months. She had also made aware to the police that this wasnt the first time she believes Russell had drugged her, she believes that he had also done it about a month earlier but thought it was just a bad reaction to the drink he made her. "if it turns out that Darrell has drugged me, had sex with me or videotaped me, I want him prosecuted," the Woman, 27, told police. She continues to say "I did not consent to any sexual intercourse with Darrell not anyone else on 01-31-02" Even though she had made her wishes, they did not come true. Russell, Perr, and Hayes, got released from Alameda County courthouse on Thursday, September 12 as free people after prosecuters ask the judge to drop ALL 25 SEX AND RAPE CHARGES AGAINST EACH OF THEM. "The evidence we have in our possession is not enough to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt," Murphy, Alameda County District Attourny, said after the brief hearing. "I think what we're doing is the right thing to do." her response to this was "I maintain that I was drugged and raped by Darrell Russell and his cohorts that night last January," she said. "Even though Darrell and his friends might be free today, they will never be free in their minds because I know, they know, and God knows the truth."

On Deceber 15, 2005, Darrell Russell was a passenger in a 2004 Poniac Grand Prix when the car swerved out of controll, hitting multiple things before smashing into a parked bus. He was later pronouced dead. 


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