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Message to Readers

Props to you if you spot the joke. You get a sticker if you laughed! This isn’t a serious piece in the sense it’s technical, but it means a lot. You are the most important person in your life. Remember to look after yourself ❤️


January 18, 2021


Undoubtedly, this year’s been tough; our normal has been turned on its side, 
From online school to being outraged at maskless actors… in films from 1985 
It’s been strange to comprehend at all, the year when everyone became a baking fanatic, 
Wondering if this is ‘the end of times’. It’s not. We’re just dramatic.  
Like Raymond Blanc we became master chefs; like Gordon Ramsay, we shouted. A lot.  
We went for more walks than The Wombles to the point where even the dog would rather not.  
And that, it makes it almost sound laughable. Like it was easy, it was a bit of fun. 
But it hasn’t been, really, has it? Some days you were bored of it. You were done.  
People lost loves ones they can never replace, and they will always be missed,  
And half the time those people were treated like merely another name on the list.  
That became normal so quickly, forgetting that statistics are people too,  
That they have families and friends that were let down by the few. 
The few that ignored the rules, and are the reason we’re still here now, 
Seeing your families through windows, so go ahead, take a bow.  
Because selfishness has been normalised- no, selfishness is being rewarded, 
For not ‘being sheep’ and screaming ‘GPS trackers’ as though they aren’t already being recorded.  
But not facing every day with a big, sincere grin is okay, 
Because life is hard, and full of annoying people who don’t seem to go away. 
You’ve just got to do it, live, or if you need to, simply survive, 
You’re human, and it’s a pandemic; don’t be ashamed to take five. 
Because being happy all the time is like trying not to blink, 
Or trying to juggle sea urchins while writing in quill and ink, 
Yes, it’s quite impressive, it makes you likeable and fun,  
But sometimes always trying to be happy is a never-ending run.  
While it’s pleasant to smile and laugh, play the jester of the court 
It’s hard to remain so smiley when everyone thinks you’re solely that sort 
Once people get the image of you being light, funny, and breezy, 
The next thing that follows the facade is the certainty your life is easy.  
Arguably, yes it is, your life is the best that it can be; 
But that doesn’t mean that every single day is full of uninterrupted glee.  
Just know, you’re allowed to be sad and think that life is a mess  
And yes, you are allowed to cry over what colour you want your dress.  
Don’t treat life like a performance, because when that curtain falls,  
You’re left with your worst critic (yes you) and next you’re building up those walls. 
So, no, ignore everyone. Because you are allowed to be upset.  
Forget the stigma, forget the character- permission granted to panic and fret. 
As long as you remember that in life we have a choice  
One that’s so imperative to survival, to developing your voice.  
That there’s always light at the end of the tunnel, and, no, it’s not an oncoming train  
And though you feel that life is tough, you don’t have to be alone in your pain.  
I know it hurts. I know you’re stressed. I know it seems so bleak.  
But life goes on, and it’s getting better, so take it week by week.  
Yes, the message isn’t original, you’ve heard it a thousand times, I bet 
But all that can be done is hope for the best, and make do with whatever we get.  
When you hit the road, it tends to hit back, whether that road is literal or not, 
So, wherever you are, wherever you’re going, it’s time to take your shot.  
You don’t have to change the world, you only have to change your own,  
And when you make mistakes, because you will and they’re great, just know you’re not alone. 
Go, go and cry, or sing, or jog, whatever helps you cope.  
Man, we’re so afraid of optimism, but guess what? You are allowed to hope. 
I’m telling you, those quotes can be dull- forget about Schrodinger’s glass,  
And stars in the dark, or rainbows in rain, or some else’s greener grass. 
You are your own person- so get out in there in ways that only you can 
And when the bleakness turns to opportunity, be your own biggest fan. 
Uh-huh, it's super cheesy, but you might as well face a couple of fears-  
There’s always something to cry about, it's your job to decide whether it’s worth your tears.  
Life is short, life is long; its books with dog eared pages, every flower and its bee,  
It’s hidden tattoos, and heartfelt poems, and plants named after the (tennis) Big Three 
You don’t have to be happy every single day, because you are human, and it's tough. 
But, if you can believe in yourself and your story, that would be enough.  
Times, now, are tougher than ever, and all we can do is what we’re told, 
But remember that in the darkness, you just have to reach out for a hand to hold.  
This isn’t going to be forever, we just have to be careful and do our part 
So, look after yourself, look after your health, but most importantly, look after your heart.  
I’ve got nothing down here, I’m not sure why you’re looking. Unless you want an awful joke.
What do you call an owl who can disappear? Hoo-Dino


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  • Stone of Jade

    oh wow another amazing piece! (im repeating myself too lol). the rhythm keep sit light but the message beneath your words is so powerful...and so so needed. Beautifully written (hm i need to come up with a synonym don't i)
    re; yea our school systems are weird lol -- heck thinking about time differences/regions is weird too. its only about 7pm (the 18th) here. it really is early your time lol
    aww what you said was so sweet <3 i feel like ive made a new friend ;)

    about 1 month ago