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叶安灵 // 16, 2022 // she-her-hers
hey hey
eritiserint on prose.

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inspired by butterflies and acne

metamorphosis in short

January 19, 2021



with every change the light is mine
speckles of grace flash in the cracks
of parting skin
a new religion says its vow
new course in life breaks free

small dangers in shadows
how east meets the north
as famous figures taunt the young
hold hands with bleach-bathed truth.

home is a broken shell,
unsent texts vanish from the fold
as a smile sets into one’s jaw.
in time wounds turn grey
rivers evaporate and
mighty pain becomes a dull thought
in old age.

you emerge a brighter gaze
moulted past behind you
bristled paradise ahead
and you don’t miss your toxins
you take flight, face the living.


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  • Anne Blackwood

    "inspired by butterflies and acne"
    Of course you were able to turn such commonplace things into something so existential and intriguing.

    about 2 months ago
  • Zinniav

    "speckles of grace flash in the cracks/of parting skin/ a new religion says its vow" - Gorgeous

    about 2 months ago