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What I Saw and How I Lied

March 2, 2021

You know how every book has a little summary on the back or on the inside flap of the cover? 
The first few words of this summary are in Big Bold Red ink and read Some Truths are never meant to be revealed. 

Now how does this sound to you? 
Does this sound interesting to you? If so then please continue reading the summary. 
If not then please keep on reading. 

The girl on the cover of the book is holding lipstick and a compact mirror. Her hair is down and behind one ear. The background behind her is black black black. She is wearing a black dress. She is looking to the left. The lighting must be coming from the left side of her because we can only see the left side of her. She has lipstick on. 

The same girl on the cover of the book is on the 2nd page of the book. This time though she is looking directly at the camera. The lighting is coming from in front of her. She is still standing to the side. We can see her whole face now. Wih the background being black, her dress is black, her compact mirror is black. Her hair is down. Her face, shoulder, arm, hand, fingers and lipstick are all white.  

Now that you have two images of this girl,
Are you interested in her?
Are you curious about her?
Do you want to know more about her?
What else do you want to know about her? 


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