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"Every work of writing, no matter how modest, no matter how seemingly objective, no matter how true, is composed in one or more fictional voices. “Someone” “tells” every story, even the copy on the back of cereal boxes, even a legal contract, even a street sign."

A Star Girl Dies( Triumph, decency and struggle)

January 19, 2021

'Days passed thus. Schoolmates and teachers seemed indifferent to her crestfallen face. Unaware of the dim presence of a very lean, inconspicuous and sluggish teenager, students came in and go out of the classroom. When....'
A star Girl Dies, is a new chapter in Literary Field by a young author of 14, Bhoomi. The book highlights some of the sensible issues affecting a starry teenager, Angel. The book is high on content, style, description as well as has a stable structure. The story is both moving and fascinating. The story is a Third Person POV and has a humorous, educated though, sometimes dull tone. The voice of narration is casual, intimate, emotional and sincere. The novel is well orchestrated and the author offered readers an ever-deepening understanding of the central character,(Angel) a continuous journey inward toward that character's ultimate truth at the story's climax. In order to make this journey meaningful and worthwhile, the writer ensured that the protagonist not only has depths and layers to explore, but also, that the protagonist faces constant and clear sources of tension and conflict. 
There is something about the story that everyone can relate to. There are the trendiest and the introverted kids , some looking at the world while others keeping a check for the next day, the bully and the bullied, the teachers, the washroom gossips, the canteen food, the fights and the uncertainties. Teenage is an extremely out of ordinary chapter of almost every individual's life. Oh! How I remember being tripped on my own on the main stage. So embarrassing but quite a memory to recall sometimes. Remember the peer pressure? I absolutely do. How can I not, all credit goes to the book for its forthcoming episodes disclosed regular discomfiture, setbacks, decency and peer pressure which I chiefly faced like any other teenager.
The tale is predominantly based on day to day life experience of a fresher 'Angel' in the teenagers'' community, who is not included in the group by her classmates. The more she shines, the less they feel pleased about her. The author, though Third Person Narration, offers a vision from Angel's POV at the very beginning but turns to other sides eventually. She used an additional rule of thumb: get in late, get out early – tightening the overall scene so that dialogue captures only the most important part of the conflict. Most of the added complication seemed plausible in the context of the story and not like random bizarre occurrences the author has included to keep the reader from getting bored. The author created this plausibility through a system of set-up and pay-off. The writer lays the foundation of the added complication early in the story, then reveals the complication later in the story.
Real life people are rarely simple or singular. And perhaps for that reason, the fictional characters in the story are made complex and faceted. A delicate balance is maintained  between including enough concrete sensory detail for the reader to build a fictional world in their mind but not including so much that the reader finds it unnecessary to engage their own imagination. 
 I noticed that the writer tended to keep dialogue (and the characters) in a zone of relative safety. If only I could tell her, ' Hey, don’t be afraid to let your characters say (and do) things they shouldn’t. The key here is not to have characters shouting obscenity after obscenity at each other, but rather, for a character to say something that involves a significant risk or momentary loss of control, something that the reader feels will have repercussions later on in the story,' Too much to say, isn't it? Well, hello, I am the author!


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