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Magnum Chp. 6

March 27, 2021


      Mom continues driving and tries to find a parking spot, but everything is full. There are cars parked even on the small grass field in the entrance! I look around to find some police cars, but there are none. Mom mumbles something about happening and parks the car in the grass too.
     "Mom! That's illegal, you can't park the car in the grass!" Mia yells. Mom ignores her. I'm not sure if Mia really cares about it being illegal or one of her friends seeing it. We all quickly get out of the car and run toward the entrance.
      "What the heck is happening mom, again?!" Mia says panickily. She is definitely annoyed about being out of the loop. So am I.
     "Calm down. Calm down. Everyone is stocking up for Magnum because there might be food shortages around the world," Mom says causally like that happens everyday. I feel like she knows a lot more than she is letting on. I suddenly feel some anxiety coming in and spin my head to see what is happening everywhere. There is broken glass on the ground, shopping carts everywhere and even cars with food on the top of them.
     "Ok, Mia, you go and get a lot of batteries, flashlights, heaters, blankets and stuff like that. Ella, get all the medicines available especially for lactose allergy reactions and Advil migraines. I'll get all the food," Mom explains. She hands out $200 each and runs inside. "Be careful!" I yell to her. Mia and I glance at each other shrug.
    I go inside and see things are a mess. There is food the ground and broken glass jars of some pink liquid. I go to the medicine section and get all that's left for the medicines that mom told us to get which isn't a lot. Are there going to be shortages of everything? I grab a nearby basket and plummet all the bottles inside. I look for other medicines that might come handy to us. I scan the shelves and grab 5 bottles of Claritin for fevers and other things for the cold. While I look around a bit more and find most shelves pretty bare, I hear faint crying noises. I to the next aisle and see a small boy wearing a red plastic coat holding a stuffed whale.
    "What happened sweetie?" I put on the voice I use when talking with small kids.
    "I'm lost. I don't know where momma is." He starts crying again. I start looking around for her. "What's her name honey? What does she look like?"
    "Her name is Denise. She has chocolate skin like me and has curly hair." I spot her at the cashier place. She looks like she is in a fight with the store associate. I take the small kid's hand and guide him towards his mom.
    "Please help me get some cold medicine! My husband has a cold, please!" She pleads to the associate. I tap on her shoulder. She turns around and sees me.
    "Hi, um, your son was lost. Also, I have some cold medicine. It may not be the kind you are looking for though" I say to her awkwardly. I hand her a bottle.
    "Thank you so, so, so much young lady. I got super distracted with finding the medicine that I forgot about Byron." I say ok and leave.
    I decide to go help Mia with her stuff. I turn around the corner and walk half a block to get to her aisle. She has a lot of in her hands. I go to help, but her eyes suddenly become huge, and she drops all the stuff she's carrying. "What the heck Mia?" I asked confused. Her eyes are pointed behind my back. I turned around seeing people with guns pointing at us.


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    RE: Thank you so much! I am really excited to be here and to be writing. Also I really liked the stars part.

    about 2 months ago
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    Wowww cliffhanger! Awesome!

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