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Man, I’ve been here since the summertime of ‘17. Ik, I’m way too old for this shit.

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i. Ode to our Sins

January 17, 2021



I want to drink the world dry until all seven seas are at war within me. Let them collapse, I say. Have them tear at each other until no foundation remains. I want to be left to drown from the inside out due to my own boundless, bone-soaking rage.
Okay so: I have this cute thing called ✨commitment issues ✨. It’s amazing. Truely. But I am trying to fix this flaw of mine by making little and short continuation pieces. So for my next few posts I’ll be starting or continuing these odd series. The first is quite cliche, as you can see: The deadly sins. 

I hope you all enjoy! 


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  • January 17, 2021 - 10:48pm (Now Viewing)

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  • Parisienne

    Love this!
    re: sorry not to reply sooner but thanks for your comment on Loose lips, I'm glad you liked it!

    10 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    as if a sea could be destroyed by another, the oceans are not so kind as they overtake and dominate everything they swallow or desire. bones remain dry and dead even in their depths.
    in two days, i think you should see poem eighty six.

    10 months ago
  • Paisley Blue

    Oh. This is beautiful. Wow...

    I absolutely love this :)

    10 months ago
  • Yellow Sweater

    I love the literary/ humorous connotation you give it. Brilliant.

    10 months ago
  • YW_C

    ok first was your username something else earlier? bc you seem like someone who has seen both the golden ages and yet i can't remember you, and second is that timothee chalamet in your pfp bc it really looks like him. thank you.

    10 months ago
  • pluto-


    10 months ago
  • lucyjoneswrites

    This is really beautiful, such an amazing choice of words!

    10 months ago