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January 16, 2021


How comforting they are, 
the homesickness of Earth
makes me long for the density
of your ambered halo. 
Her voice bewitched me,
I am no longer grey and derealized, 
but a mortal being made new. 
A curious burning sensation 
that neither of us make light of. 
Are you not just a contagious sentiment? 
One who lives for a soul like mine? 
One to take, but take not many. 
Yearnment of your rings belonging to me, 
a sympathy so sweet and true. 
Both so blissfully unaware, 
two unknowingly made into one, 
humanized, moving, spirited. 
Two souls an unlikely likely pair
searching for the impact and pathetic validation.
A familiar tenderness,
your embrace overwhelming my senses
the moons in awe of your voice, 
muttering about the trials of committing. 
"Could it be so hard?" 
We could try our best, 
no one in the way but our very own selves, 
begging, open up to me, expand yourself. 
I wish to know you like the stars do. 
I know nothing but hurricanes,
the ones that expose at the core,
a whimper, 
"Without her I do not exist." 
I Am Nothing. 
- M.R. 
Hi! Just some background information I'd like to share: I wrote this poem about a girl I fell for, she made a joke saying if we were planets, she would be Saturn and I would be Jupiter, so it became this little inside joke of ours. This poem is basically Jupiter's point of view and her relationship with Saturn. :) Hope you enjoy. 


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  • Zinniav

    This is good. It's subtle, sophisticated, beautiful and interesting. This line really made me think: "I am no longer grey and derealized,/ but a mortal being made new."

    about 2 months ago
  • Cosmogyral

    That's a cool joke, unless you're Jupiter, kinda sad. But really nice :)

    about 2 months ago