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My little poem for my sister's boyfriend

January 16, 2021


I will try to put it blunt, but polite.

So, you asked her to marry you?
        She said yes!

So, you gave her a baby,
        Like she always wanted...
So, did you know what would come with a baby?
        The attention and focus... ALL OF IT GOES TO THEM.

She loves you right?
        Do you love her?
                Then why did you cheat on her?

Tryna bribe me?
        With food?
                I already caught on what you are doing...
                        And I tell you it won't work.

Tryna bribe my parents?
        With helping with stuff?
                They already caught on your plan...
                        Plan foiled once again.

Tryna bribe the dogs?
        With treats?
                It worked a little...
                        But now they hate you too.

Break my sister's heart once, shame on you. (check)
    Break my sister's heart twice, shame on her.

        Break my sister's heart thrice, I break your legs. 
            Break my trust next, I break your neck.

If you read this my dear sister's boyfriend, you know who you are, be careful.


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  • Ren(hiatus)

    Honestly Idk your sister's bf but down with him! Douchebags aren't worth it, he sounds like a pretty mean guy. Though I really like this can I join you in breaking his legs and neck? :D

    9 months ago
  • Jason_claire :)

    I think I like you. ~stumbles over my words~ not in a creepy or or stuff like that, but you seem like a really chill person :) (terribly sorry if I totally just blew this comment up)

    9 months ago
  • Dakota_Lyn

    wow... I don't know him but I hate your sisters boyfriend. he sounds terrible

    9 months ago