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Was Pacquiao Actually Victorious Over Mayweather? Conspiracy Arises After Fight.

May 12, 2015

Floyd Mayweather emerges the undisputed champion over Manny Pacquiao on Saturday, May 2nd. A conspiracy appeared suggesting that the judges Dave Moretti, Glenn Feldman, and Burt Clements besmirched the scorecards by signing the blue corner with lower points while Pacquiao was sitting in the red corner between rounds. So what do you think? Accident or conspiracy? 

Conspiracy theorists assume that the fight was fixed, and have been trying to prove so by analyzing the scorecards of the fight. Showing that Mayweather was the Red Corner and Pacquiao was the Blue Corner, while showing in photos that Mayweather was actually in the Blue Corner amidst the fight. 

The issue with the logic of conspiracies is that people pull out the small things that don't look like they belong in the situation and create something that could raise eyebrows and arguments. Which is very fallible. Reading such articles on the conspiracy people are motivated to believe in what is being read and/or said. If you choose to believe in one conspiracy, it makes you more likely into believing another about the same topic. 

According to - “a minuscule mistake on the scorecards by confusing which corner each fighter started out in”, considering it was just an accident that created such a controversy. Some may say that the judges were colorblind because of the evident mixup. 

Although the outcome was what was expected with Mayweather becoming the undisputed champion of the world, you may as well say goodbye to the sport of boxing. Boxing needed Pacquiao to win that fight because as a sport, you can't have anyone leave the sport undefeated. Interest has been lost with the disfavor of Pacquiao losing the "Fight of the Century".


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