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G'day fellow writers I obviously wish to be anonymous but I like to write as well as sing.
about me: singer,songwriter,book writer, Likes to travel,be around ppl with similar interests, and am sadly single, Also I LOVE Writing horror stories.

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You are in for a thrill ride with my series I want more friends I love my followers you guys are the best writers/authors i've ever seen. KEEP UP THE AWESOME WORK GUYS LOVE YA FAM!!!

The Monster Inside

February 3, 2021


 The Story I'm about tell you actually happened to me. Its been five years since this whole mess started; and by now I think this should be a good time to share my story with the world.  It started in 2016, and for the record I wish to stay straight  for the sake of good in the world.  My name Is Kenneth Peterson. I am 20 years old now- anyways enough about me. Lets get into it shall we.

  It was February 16, 2016: a cool winter day. I was walking with some friends Katie, Trent, Summer, and Tim. Trent and I were like brothers, and Katie and I were dating. Tim and summer were very close friends with us three. But that all changes that afternoon. Ring! ring!  "YES!" I said. "School is out for M.L.K day, Can't wait for video games, sweets, and  uhhhh," - "That's all you can think of genius?" said summer giggling. "OH yeah and some weird Activity with some of my Dad's  fellow friends." 

 I was a fifteen year old boy, so this was big. "Babe you do know I was wondering -"  All of a sudden, the principal  Mr. Sacks  Shouted "GET OUT!"  So we did what we do best, skate out of there. Me and the gang stop by our personal favorite skate stop, Nacho Mama's. " Yo Kenneth, Are you coming to my band concert?" Trent asked anxiously. " NO" I said. "For the third time dude, I'm not coming."  WOOOOSHHHH!!, "What the hay was that?" exclaimed Tim. His curiosity literally killed his cat.  BOOM!  "wha-what was that guys?" asked summer. " Dudes if this is a joke, its not funny."

 "OH god what happened!" I said in what sounded like a demonic, monster-like tone.....

         Part 1 of two

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