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i'm depressed. i pretend to be fine, though.

"cogito, ergo sum."
("i think, therefore i am.")
-rené descartes

Message to Readers

every once in a while, some friends and I do a week long short story challenge, where each day we'll get a prompt and then have to write a short story for it. the prompt for this one was given a few days ago and is this; Write a story taking place on vacation.


January 14, 2021


I hate vacations.
Of course, I hate everything that has to do with my mother, and most vacations include being stuck with her.  
    And her being ogled by men.  
    It happened one day when I was on a cruise, her in an extremely revealing bikini and I went out of my norm to wear shorts and a t-shirt, for fear of overheating in my usual outfits.
    She laid out on a bench, tanning.  I sat next to her, writing.  And a bunch of guys sat next to both of us, trying to get my mother’s attention.
    Trying to ignore them, I continued typing.  But it was hard to pay attention.  “Mom, I’m going back to our room.”  
    “Okay baby, I’ll be back in a bit.”  I couldn’t tell if she had opened her eyes as her head turned towards me, as her mirrored sunglasses wouldn’t let me see them.
    I closed my computer and slipped off the bench, carrying the thing back to the room that my mother and I shared.
    But not before literally running into someone.
    He was in a dark sweatshirt and baggy jeans, and I had no idea how, as it was a good eighty degrees out there. 
    “Ow.”  I fall back to the ground and am careful to not land on my computer.
    “My apologies.”  He holds out his hand to help.
    I became fast friends with him, and we exchanged numbers, talking even after that and visiting each other for small amounts of time every so often.
    And then we dated.
    And he proposed, so we got married.
    And that, kids, is how I met your father.
    “I will always remember that day.”  Hoodie-kid kisses my forehead and laughs as we finish the story that we’ve been telling to our three kids.


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  • Lata.B

    Aww I love how this ended!! Ok at first I thought you were telling us this and when I saw "He proposed" I was like UmMMm but haha I love this!

    4 months ago