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pisces, pisces, libra.
duck, duck, goose.

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call her athena or la llorna or freya or neith, but call on her i do.
i accidentally spelled pearls "peals"

calling on the muse

January 18, 2021


my muse cries peals. she giggles with the moon about lovers she's never had. she grooms her owl wings with a silver brush and her long grey hair with a golden comb. she dances in swamps, putting anyone who sees her in a trance. she covers the blood on her hands with black gloves. she leaves rotting flowers in her hair, puts bangles of gold, silver, and bronze on her wrist. her voice is somewhere between aphrodite in a canyon and a trucker smoking her fifth cigarette. she winks at strangers in bars by the ocean. she trades stories with vampires and witches. she's clunk to a piano across the ocean and played hide and go seek on saturn.
my muse, i must've found her somewhere, but i find it hard to believe she wasn't always with me. that she wasn't in the forests, the birds all calling her name. that she wasn't in the chlorine of the local pool. that her eyes didn't watch from the mountains of blue and from the stained glass in the chapel.
i call for her, every day, every morn, every night. my pen and my mind make their way through the woods, the ground covered in mushrooms and the trees dressed in moss. every day, a little closer, to whatever golden cottage or hippy van she inhabits. muse, oh muse, help me turn it into gold.
i forgot where i read the idea for this piece. basically, write about your muse in concrete terms, since everyone's inspiration is different. if anyone wants to steal this stolen prompt, please link your piece in the comments. 


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  • crystalline•galaxies

    i’m really wanting to take on this prompt, but i was wondering if i could get another explanation? i forgot about it for a while, and now that i’ve come back to it, i don’t understand what i’m supposed to do. beautiful piece, though, as always.

    4 months ago
  • happy butterfly

    ahh this is so pretty and it sort of scratches me(?!) does that make sense.i love this idea,i'm not sure if i understood it correctly but the way i've understood,i really love it.

    also, a punk rock fairy with vintage vibes is so cool.

    4 months ago